Alta2 pro minirite

Oticon Alta2 Pro miniRITE Receiver In The Ear Hearing Aid

  • Water
    Rated 7
  • Dust
    Rated 5
IP Rating (Liquid)
IP Rating (Solid)
Disposable Batteries
Push Button
Adjustment Synchronization
Tinnitus Relief
Release Date: 03 March 2015

Oticon Alta2 Pro miniRITE Videos

Alta2 hearing aid testimonial - Watch Kåre's story

Did you ever consider how a hearing aid is developed? One of our expert engineers is explaining the exciting things happening when developing an Oticon hearing aid and Oticon user Kåre is explaining how his hearing aids have changed his life.

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Oticon Alta2 Pro miniRITE Accessories

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ConnectLine Microphone
ConnectLine Streamer Pro
ConnectLine App

Alta2 Form Factors

Oticon Alta2 Pro miniRITE Features

The Oticon Alta2 Pro miniRITE has ip rating (liquid), ip rating (solid), disposable batteries, push button, directionality, adjustment synchronization, and tinnitus relief.

Hardware Features

IP Rating (Liquid)


IP Rating (Solid)


Disposable Batteries

Battery Size: 312

Push Button

Software Features

Adjustment Synchronization


Tinnitus Relief

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