Oticon opn bte13 pp

Oticon Opn 2 BTE13 PP Receiver In The Ear Hearing Aid

  • Water
    Rated 8
  • Dust
    Rated 6
Water Resistant Coating
Push Button
IP Rating (Liquid)
IP Rating (Solid)
Disposable Batteries
Volume Control
Made For iPhone
Android Compatibility
Adjustment Bands
Adjustment Synchronization
Automatic Phone Program
Better Ear Focus
Ear Simulation
+ 15 more
Release Date: 01 June 2017

Oticon Opn 2 BTE13 PP Product Information

The Oticon Opn BTE13 PP was released in June 2017 along with the Oticon Opn miniRITE-T (an updated Opn miniRITE). The BTE13 PP is a powerful behind-the-ear Opn model that uses a traditional sound tube and custom earmold to deliver sound to the ear. The BTE13 PP is similar to the BTE13 models seen in other Oticon families (like the Alta 2 BTE13), but adds "a two-color LED indicator to monitor hearing aid status." The BTE13 PP runs the same software as the Opn miniRITE, and also connects natively to the iPhone, Oticon remote control and audio streamer for TV.

Oticon Opn 2 BTE13 PP Videos

Oticon Opn™ - Concept movie (Full Story)

Directionality as we know it is now a thing of the past. Where traditional hearing aids focuses on one speaker and suppresses all others, Oticon Opn opens up the soundscape to embrace multiple speakers. Source: Oticon People First

Introducing Oticon Opn™

A revolutionary breakthrough in hearing care. Source: Oticon USA, Inc.

Oticon Opn 2 BTE13 PP Downloads

Oticon Opn 2 BTE13 PP Accessories

On App
Remote Control 3.0
TV Adapter 3.0

Oticon Opn 2 BTE13 PP Colors

Diamond Black
Chroma Beige
Silver Grey
Steel Grey
Royal Blue

Opn™ Form Factors

Oticon Opn 2 BTE13 PP Features

The Oticon Opn 2 BTE13 PP has water resistant coating, telecoil, push button, ip rating (liquid), ip rating (solid), disposable batteries, volume control, made for iphone, android compatibility, spatial noise cancellation, noise reduction, unique amplification strategy, spatial noise cancellation, spatial awareness, soft speech boost, unique amplification strategy, better ear focus, processing channels, streaming bass boost, sudden loud noise reduction, feedback suppression, wind noise reduction, adjustment synchronization, preference adaptation, adjustment bands, directionality, new user adaptation, stereo audio streaming, automatic phone program, and ear simulation. More features are available in higher technology levels: Oticon Opn 1 BTE13 PP. Fewer features are available in lower technology levels: Oticon Opn 3 BTE13 PP

Hardware Features

Water Resistant Coating

Nano Coating


Push Button

Push Button: Program control, Volume Control

IP Rating (Liquid)


IP Rating (Solid)


Disposable Batteries

Battery Size: 312

Volume Control

Made For iPhone

Lowest iOS Version: 9.2

Android Compatibility

Software Features

Adjustment Bands


Adjustment Synchronization

Binaural Coordination

Automatic Phone Program


Better Ear Focus

Binaural Noise Management


Multiple Directionality Options

Ear Simulation

Pinna Omni

Feedback Suppression

Feedback shield LX

New User Adaptation

Adaptation Management

Noise Reduction

Maximum noise removal: 5 dB

Preference Adaptation

YouMatic™ LX: 2 configurations

Processing Channels


Soft Speech Boost

Soft Speech Booster LX

Spatial Awareness

Spatial Sound™ LX: 2 estimators

Spatial Noise Cancellation

OpenSound Navigator™: Level 2
Balancing power effect: 50%

Stereo Audio Streaming

Stereo streaming (2.4 GHz)

Streaming Bass Boost

Bass Boost

Sudden Loud Noise Reduction

Transient Noise Management: On/Off

Unique Amplification Strategy

Speech Guard™ LX: Level 2
Clear Dynamics

Wind Noise Reduction

Wind Noise Management

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