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About Phonak Audéo V

The Phonak Audéo V is a family of hearing aids that includes at least 3 unique models and 3 unique technology levels . Models include the Audéo V 312T, the Audéo V 13, and the Audéo V 312. Technology levels include the Audéo V V90, the Audéo V V70, and the Audéo V V50.

Phonak Audéo V Models

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Phonak AudéoTM V 312T

36 reviews

Release Date: 20 October 2014

The Phonak Audéo V 312T has a telecoil, a push button, an ingress protection rating of IP57, and uses size 312 hearing aid batteries.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating: IP57

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Phonak AudéoTM V 13

11 reviews

Release Date: 20 October 2014

The Phonak Audéo V 13 has a telecoil, a dedicated volume control, a push button, an ingress protection rating of IP67, and uses size 13 hearing aid batteries.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating: IP67

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Phonak AudéoTM V 312

4 reviews

Release Date: 20 October 2014

The Phonak Audéo V 312 has a telecoil, a push button, an ingress protection rating of IP57, and uses size 312 hearing aid batteries.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating: IP57

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Phonak Audéo V Model Comparison

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Phonak Audéo V Technology Level Comparison

Phonak Audéo V V50 Phonak Audéo V V70 Phonak Audéo V V90
Price $ $$ $$$

4 reviews


10 reviews


37 reviews

Adjustment Synchronization

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Phonak Audéo V Accessories

ComPilot Air II


  • Remote Control
  • Bluetooth Streamer
  • Smartphone Streamer

ComPilot II


  • Remote Control
  • Bluetooth Streamer
  • Smartphone Streamer

Dect II


  • Landline Phone

PilotOne II


  • Remote Control

RemoteControl App


  • Smartphone App

Compatible Aids



  • Remote Microphone

Roger 18 Receiver


  • Wireless DAI Boot

Compatible Aids

Roger MyLink


  • Remote Mic Neckloop

Roger Pen


  • Remote Microphone

Roger X Receiver


  • Wireless DAI Boot

TVLink II basestation


  • TV Streamer

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Phonak Audéo V Videos

Phonak Venture Platform Introduction
Phonak Audéo V Video

Phonak Venture Platform Introduction

10 January 2015

This video provides illustrates some of the listening situations targeted by the Venture platform. Everything from music to noisy environments.   

Venture Platform Explained
Phonak Audéo V Video

Venture Platform Explained

29 October 2014

A Phonak representative discusses the new Venture platform in greater detail. Video produced by Audiology Online.

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Phonak Audéo V Reviews

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Steve 14 August 2018

I have had these hearing aids for two years now and I love them! They are still working as good as the day I got them. It is hard to hear on the phone so I am shopping for some hearing aids that stream the phone to my hearing aids

Member 14 August 2018

Decent hearing aids. Wire is fragile though and I am rough on them.

Franz V. 14 August 2018

my aids work good, but in sone situations i use external microphones

Member 14 August 2018

So far so good,but would like some advice on programming that might make it even better

Dan R. 14 August 2018

Have had for7 months and had only 1 adjustment for in the car wasto much outside noise overpowering inside sound.

Member 14 August 2018

overall, this is a very good aid. It's not inexpensive, but it's worth the cost. I strongly suggest that users also get a streamer

Anonymous (verified) 14 August 2018

They are a good investment and improve your hearing.

Member 14 August 2018

Very comfortable, vast improvement from my last intracanal hearing aids. I love the bluetooth connectivity.

Garrett B. 25 January 2017

These are fantastic! Its like day and night. The technology is amazing and the compilot 2 is a good fit for the aids

Anonymous (verified) 25 January 2017

That these hearing aids are fantastic. They have a lot of power, very diverse. I like the programming and the software they have. I really enjoy the comm air it is a compliment to the hearing aids.

Member 01 August 2018

I love these hearing aids when they work. I have two and they are much better than a previous brand I used. My problem is they often stop working when I change the battery. I go back to the provider and they have to replace the receiver. This has happened several times under warranty. The last time they sent them back to the company to be checked out. They supposedly replaced the electronics(?). I just had to change the battery for the first time since they came back and guess what, it won't work. Very aggravating.

Member 01 August 2018
Have had the same experience in only one and it's supposedly been replaced 2x New battery dies in 45minutes always in just one ear..Over 3 yrs old so a short-lived $5200
Member 31 December 2016

1 - In a noisy environment (restaurants, parties etc...) it is difficult to hear the person talking to me, the hearing aid is not focusing on the person talking to me and does not reduce enough the noise around me. 2 - When listing to TV, music, radio or the equivalent at times the volume really goes up making it very uncomfortable,

Don T. 16 December 2016

The hearing aids were supposed to alleviate my substantial hearing loss above 4000 Hz. They do that fairly well, although I've encountered a few things I cannot hear at all that my wife says are ear-splitting at extremely high frequencies, like the end-of-cycle signal from a Bosch dishwasher. So my guess is that they increase my hearing up to maybe 12000 Hz, but my hears (or brain) are simply incapable of hearing much above that, no matter how loud. There are two things about the hearing aids that I don't like. The minor one is that because they are so light and I wear glasses, when I get in a windy situation, they jostle around against the glasses ear piece and make noise. . . sort of like static. Doesn't happen often, but annoying when it does. The more disappointing one is that these are the top-of-the-line Phonaks and one of the advertised features was that they automatically focus on the person speaking when you're in a noisy crowd, cutting out most of the noise. They don't. I've not seen any improvement in my ability to understand what someone 10' from me in a crowd is saying.

J R. 12 November 2016

Getting them to stay in has been a problem: I wasn't aware I wasn't getting them in properly. Russ's suggestions helps and now I'm grabbing them right at the end of the wire. I can direct them into the canal with much less "hit or miss." One still comes out some, tho perhaps cleaning it may help. ?

Kara Norcross 06 December 2016
I do not know your set up, but you might have an issue with the retention wire/wing. Sometimes the Phonak retention piece slides too far down towards the end of the receiver (farther down towards your dome) and keeps the receiver from going in all of the way. You can slide it back to the other side of the receiver (i.e. the box at the end of the wire that goes into your ear canal) towards the wire. Some people, like myself, do better without a retention wire at all. That is rare, but it can happen. I recommend following up with your hearing aid provider. Retention issues can typically be fixed easily. Good luck!
Fred B. 04 November 2016

I've had my hearing aids for about a year now, It does take some time to get use too them. Were still trying to ajust them to the get the best hearing ajustment for my particular hearing loss. Hopefully with these new settings I will be hearing better Other then that, I've had no problems with these hearing aids and I cann't honestly answer the review questions yet till thay are finelly adjusted for my hearing loss.

Member 31 October 2016

I am very disappointed by the Audeo V90s. Especially with using them with accessories. It feels like the HiBAN doesn't work. There are a lot of connectivity issues with the ComPilot Air II where it is very hard to place the ComPilot Air on my clothes where both aids have good reception. One ear is always receiving static, loses sound, or is intermittent in the transmission. If you are considering these aids, make sure you test two other models to ensure you like the feel. These are my first RICS and I have to say that the adjustment from ear moulds to RICs was a challenge for me.

Nancy L. 27 October 2016

I was able to wear them all day, every day, from the day I received them.

Charles P. (verified) 12 July 2016

I am very happy that I bought them. I can now hear my family talk to me without saying what all of the time.

Member (verified) 30 April 2016

I have had nothing but trouble with these hearing aids so far. I always struggle to hear conversation. There is no balance between extreme noise and speech. Unless I make adjustments I have constant feedback, the adjustments are turning the hearing aids down up to 6db from where they are set. I haven't had them long and I already have no room to turn them up. I am unimpressed with the box that came with them it doesn't stay connected properly and I have to just turn it off for convenience most of the time. Over all they are a nuisance.

Christopher B. 28 April 2016

I have had a Hearing Aid for about 7 years in one ear, I am deaf in the other ear since birth, during that period I have had 3 different Hearing Aids. The first 2 were Widex and my newest one that I just trialed for 30 days and purchased is the Phonak Audeo V90 312T. My first 2 hearing aids were ITE Custom molds, so I was not able to try them before I purchased. This time I decided to go with a RIC model. With a Custom Mold, it is easy to hide but if you need repairs it can be more costly. Try out different models before you buy. This purchase I tried a Resound first and it really did not work for me. I then tried this Phonak and I really love it. I wanted this hearing aid purchase to meet 3 goals: 1. Hear conversations, one on one or in groups of people in a normal atmospere 2. Hear conversations in noisy atmospheres 3. Good Sound quality for Music and TV I feel that for me this hearing aid achieved its goals. It works well in noisy situations, watching TV or driving in the car. It is the best hearing aid I have owned to date. This is the first hearing aid that I have ever owned that had accessories, but that did not influence my buying decision. The first goal is to hear better, the accessories are a bonus. I purchased the ComPilot II Air, I liked it because I am able to control my hearing aid from my cell phone. Two Added bonuses that I did not know about until I got it home was that I can receive and make calls using voice control from my phone hands free and it streams to my hearing aid. Also I can listed to Music on my phone and instruct to phone to do basic tasks all hands free. Phonak also has a Phone App that works with the ComPilot Air II that is very customizable to allow you a lot of flexibility in the performance of your hearing aids. I also purchased the TV Link II at the same time, I have not hooked it up yet but if it performs as well as the ComPilot Air II then I will be very happy.

Member 27 April 2016

I purchased Phonak V90 Audeo hearing aids for my mild, age related hearing loss over a year and a half ago. Before purchasing them, I attended a free audiologist's information session at my clinic. She recommended waiting "as long as possible" before getting hearing aids, "because they're expensive, insurance does not cover the aids or the batteries, and the aids must be replaced every 5-7 years." However, a friend with hearing aids pointed out that the more advanced your hearing loss is when you get the aids, the longer it will take your brain to re-learn processing of the sounds you haven't been hearing. This made sense to me; also, I was bothered by often not understanding my grandchildren and by missing conversations in situations with ambient noise. So I went ahead and got the Phonaks, and yes, they were expensive, but I'm glad I did. While they do not restore perfect hearing, and sometimes I still can't understand my youngest grandchildren, they help a lot in many situations. After the first year, the receivers in both aids failed, but they were covered under warranty. Batteries last an average of 6 days; they can be purchased online in quantity fairly reasonably. Periodic cleaning and maintenance is pretty simple, provided you have minimal manual dexterity. When it becomes time to replace my current aids, I'm going to check out Costco's less expensive, rebranded version of the Phonak Audeo.

Craig W. 12 April 2016

Light, Bluetooth enabled, 5-6 days on a battery, easy to adjust at the AUD.

Anonymous (verified) 28 September 2016

All going well, tho I cannot predict when the batteries are going to 'die'.

Anonymous (verified) 21 March 2016

Going fine with a great support from my audiometrist.

Monica C. 19 March 2016

I have had Hearing Aids scince the 5th grade. I was always self conscious because the only ones that were made at that time were big and over the ear. I have tried several different kinds,styles and designs that would be a perfect fit for my type of hearing loss but none of them were ever quite right. Until I went back to my Audiologist ( Amy Smith ) in Galesburg,Il. She told me she found something that she felt would be a perfect match for my hearing impairment because she would be able to amplify what i was missing and not what i was already able to hear. Of course i was skeptic about the whole idea because for 40 years the idea of such a hearing aid seemed so far fetched. Needless to say with all praise and power to Amy and the company that made this amazing Phonak Audeo V90-13 hearing aid. For the first time ever in my life I was able to hear an Ambulance, birds sing and a cat meow. Of course the sounds scared the wits out of me, so much that I break down crying because every time I hear a new sound. All I can say is LOOK OUT WORLD HERE I COME. My awesome boyfriend of 3 years has cried with me because he is so use to having to wait until I look at him before he speaks to me or before i can read his lips and respond to a conversation. Not anymore. These Hearing Aids are the deal breaker in my life. I can wear them and you can't even see them and being able to live every day as a person that still has a hearing loss but no one would ever guess is even more awesome. I am going back to school and get my CNA and plan advancing into LPN and Hospice. The ability to use the bluetooth feature to connect directly through the ComPilot II and TV Link II allows me to hear programs like never before. While driving I use my smart phone's navigation and it beams the instructions straight to my aids. Amazing! Thank You so much for the invention of this hearing aid and Amy Smith as well. God Bless

Anonymous (verified) 15 March 2016

I really appreciated the thoroughness of both the testing and the fine tuning of the hear aids. More than sufficient time was taken not only in a professional capacity but also in a personal caring way! The follow-up visit, which had left me without any real expectations, was a particularly helpful exercise. A well-thought through list of check points used by Lisa focused on all manner of issues - not least of which was the discovery of how my new hearing aids no longer need to be pulled out of my ears every time the phone rings. Voila! The hearing aids 'tune in' to the phone and I have the pleasure of not needing to apologize for an inability to hearing and to say 'beg pardon' at least 3 times during a conversation. Am particularly looking forward to being able to test the power of hearing with some of my many Asian callers - often with soft voices and, lovingly stated, atrocious accents! Watch this space!

Va M. 21 November 2016
Hello Sir/ Madam, could you please inform me about this product after 8 months of use? I am interested in this product.
Member (verified) 27 February 2016

I have been disappointed in the amount of background noise that they pick up.

Anonymous (verified) 21 March 2016

I am pleased with my new hearing aids and they are functioning very well.

Anonymous (verified) 28 September 2016

The hearing aids have improved my life. I would encourage people not to wait. I was able to increase and decrease the volume when needed. My family noticed the difference. I needed to try several tips to find the ones that were comfortable in my ear.

Anonymous (verified) 17 February 2016

It does a good job improving my hearing. I don't hear the ringing in my ear when I'm wearing the hearing aids. I would tell anyone that needs hearing devices it would be money well spent.

Sandra K. (verified) 28 September 2016

I waited too long to get hearing aids. I hadn't realized how much I was missing until I got my hearing aids. I am hearing things I had not heard in years.

Anonymous (verified) 30 November 2015

I've had them (two) for around three weeks now and together they are a significant improvement on the one Phonak I had for my right ear which I had for around six years. I can hear lots of little background noises that I was previously not getting - paper rustling, water hissing from the tap as it flows, indicators clicking - which indicates I am getting lots more definition. I feel that my perception of the sound of the world is now more fully dimensional than before. I've been to a concert and a musical play and enjoyed a much superior sound experience and also find this with my music at home - much better definition.

Member 04 September 2015

What am improvement in five years! THESE are what a hearing aid SHOULD BE!

Anonymous (verified) 30 November 2015

It took a good few weeks to get used to the hearing aid and to get it adjusted to suit my personal hearing/comfort. Not in physical terms but in the sound quality because I was expecting a clear sound but it is not clear because of the type of hearing loss that I have. This was disappointing because I did not realise that a hearing aid would not give me a clear sound. I have had hearing loss in one ear only for a number of years and have constant tinnitus in that ear, the hearing aid masks the tinnitus while I am wearing it which is a great relief. I have noticed improvement in hearing my softly spoken daughter and in hearing noises that I previously did not hear. Overall I am pleased with the hearing aid and now wish that I had bought one years ago!!

Anonymous (verified) 10 July 2015

This is my third set of devices over the past 18 years and by far the best! Comfortable, easy to clean, and cosmetically undetectable.

Anonymous (verified) 11 July 2015

They improve my hearing, and people don't even notice them in my ears.

Anonymous (verified) 11 July 2015

I have my life back again. It's so wonderful to be able to hear what people are saying and join in the conversations, and hear my children and grandchildren. I wish I had gotten them sooner. They are so worth it.

Anonymous (verified) 10 July 2015

I've worn several other hearing aids, but these are by far the best. Even my own voice sounds much more natural, and overall I feel more comfortable and confident in a variety of settings.

Paul R. 18 February 2015

Before I purchased these devices, I was wearing Phonak Nano Q 50 CIC. It began to be apparent to me that having my ear canals plugged up was not giving me the best hearing abilities. A few years ago I had a pair of Delta Oticon's RIC that worked well for my loss. However, I managed to lose them and the loss wasn't covered except by me. But I knew I needed to do something as I was having a hard time hearing with the CIC's and they were not comfortable. But before I decided on the Phonak RIC, I decided I wanted to try the new Siemens Pure Binax aids. My audiologist asked me if I knew someone with these devices, in truth I just though all of the cool new tech features would be worth trying. Long story short, the aids were terrible. They distorted and made all kinds of strange digital sounds. I wore them for two weeks and returned them. There was nothing natural about their audio quality and while all of the doodads worked well, I realized that did not make up for distortion and awful audio quality. So my audiologist was not surprised by my decision and helped fit me in the Phonak devices. I have worn these aids going on two months now and they are superior in every way. Natural sound, no digital artifacts, music sound is stellar and the tech extras work fine. I do like being able to stream audio from my phone into the aids as well as phone calls. The phone call option is nice in that I don't have any issues with volume and intelligibility. The biggest plus has been the ability to hear conversation in noise. The aids are very compact and the silver color blends in well with my hair. In fact my wife keeps asking me if I have them in as they are so inconspicuous. All in all I am very happy with these aids. I feel like it's been a journey to find a decent audiologist and a decent set of aids. I have made a number of mistakes along the way but the end result is that now I can hear again with the quality I had when I was much younger.

Member (verified) 10 July 2015

I highly recommend it for anyone who has hearing loss. It will completely change your life.

Anonymous (verified) 11 July 2015

I am a professor. I have classroom-taught for decades. I can hear FAR better which will make me a better teacher. States should consider offering occupational assistance for teachers to improve hearing. It would improve learning.

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Member 10 May 2016
I've had a pair of Virto V90 CIC aids for six months. Knocked spots of the Starkey aids that I had not long had. They were a waste of money. The TV link is wonderful. Mind you, batteries are gobbled up very fast while using it. I love the Surflink 2 that I have. Someone earlier commented that they suffer from background noise. Not sure why. I don't. Not with these aids. Even traffic and tyre noise is now acceptable. A useful hint: if in a busy noisy place, a long press on the lower left surflink button will silence it amazingly. Pressing the right-hand + button returns everything back to normal. Very handy. I repeat: I love the TV link. You can choose 50-50 TV/normal hearing, or by again using the left Surflink button (long press) you can change to 100% TV pickup. Depends if you want to hear the person sitting next to you or not.
Member 14 May 2016
I have just obtained a V90 cros system and am having problems with the volume rising and lowering depending on the environment. When I am driving the volume drops considerably, I can hear the road noise but little of what my passenger is saying. As soon as I stop the car volume returns to normal levels. I find the same when I am in a bar, the volume is up and down like a yoyo. However, when I am in a relatively quiet room the hearing aids work fine; a nice clear sound. I have had the hearing aids changed and reprogrammed but the problem persists. anyone else had this problem?
Member 23 July 2016 Replied to Member
Yes, I have these on trial at the moment and I find Identical problem, The audiologist keeps tweeting them but I am not entirely confident in his ability to understand all of the settings. I am considering another retailer to try their settings with the same or other models such as the Oticon opn. I find them very expensive for such an estimated life expectancy of, I'm advised, 5 years! I really am at a loss of which way to go now. I think these retailers/ audiologist a would do well to have some extra environmental sound test equipment that they could use before you leave their shop, only to find out within the hour in the real world that they need further tweaking??
Member 23 July 2016 Replied to Member
I have a further update. I tried a different audiologist and he found a problem with the software for a power receiver which was originally recommended. He suggested a standard receiver and altered the setting for the receiver, he either ticked or unticked the power receiver box (can't remember which way round it was) but it was not what he expected. So to summarise, I now have a V90 cros system with a standard receiver and I am very happy with it. I find it an improvement over the Q90 I had before. Keep trying, I got there eventually and have found it worth the effort.
Member 29 January 2017 Replied to Member
hi i am using these as loaners and its happening alot to me thought i was crazy! have you found a solution?
Lawrence R. 27 May 2016
I just got my new Phonak Audeo V90-312T's today. It's amazing!! I didnt realize how much I've been missing. Sounds are so much clearer, its like hearing sounds for the first time!!!! Great product!!!
Member 14 July 2016
I have V90's in both ears and have had them for a year. The aids work fine in pretty much all situations. I did have to have them factory refurbished a couple of weeks ago. Problem with right side I was going thru batteries every couple of days (apporx use per day 10 hrs). So far so good battery replacement about every 5-6 days. The only negative comment I have is having to wear the Com Pilot II around my neck for streaming. With todays technology there's no excuse for having this thing hanging around your neck. My previous pair (Siemens) had a pocket remote - much more convient.
Member 20 November 2016
Sound suddenly gets loud and then goes back to normal. Doing this in variety of situations. Does anyone have a similar experience? Have had them for about six months and suddenly undulating sound started. sent to factory for repair but still doing same thing? Defect in software?
John S. 24 November 2016
I had the ReSound aids and swapped them while still on trial for the Phonak V90 set. I did some gentle arm twisting with my audiologist to program a custom setting that I can switch to minimize background noise and clean up speech by giving me NO amplification - ZERO - outside of the normal voice frequencies. She didn't want to do it and told me repeatedly I would not use it. This setting has become my 'go-to' setting for most environments. A toilet flush and running a sink faucet no longer sound like Niagra Falls! The audio books I play while driving are free of most of the wind and road noise. Conversations in restaurants and other noisy environments are easier to understand. One peculiarity that is annoying is the automatic switching between the built in programs when turning your head slightly and hearing the audio change to a different built in program is annoying as it is somewhat abrupt. On my next visit I plan to see if this can be addressed in some manner. Overall, I am very pleased with the sound from the Phonaks after having had the ReSound units.
Member 02 December 2016
I've tried 4 different ReSound models in the last 2 months and all were awful if there was any music being played in the background (which is just about everywhere!). All the ReSounds distort the music so much, it was hard to understand anyone talking nearby. My new Phonak Audio V's are great! WAY better sound quality and NO music distortion!
Member 15 February 2017
I have moderate hearing to 2000 k, and severe/profound in ranges higher than that. My audiologist recommends Oticon Opn for both ears. I also went to Costco where the audiologist recommended the Phonak Brio ( she advised against the Kirkland brand). I've been researching both but since the Brio is Costco's proprietary model, I can't find any information on it. Does anyone know the comparable Phonak model? Thanks so much and thanks also for this wonderful informative site. BTW, I'm not smart phone savvy so those features don't interest me. I just want good aids for assistance.
Member 16 February 2017
I bought my Phonak Audeo V hearing aid from F.C. Milnes a year ago and found it unusable due to inner ear irritation and infection. Having paid £1495 I felt I should persevere but was unable to tolerate the discomfort. There certainly was no discernible clarity improvement so I will go to see the hearing care professional (salesman) and probably bin the instrument to save myself further difficulties.
Member 17 February 2017
Just got aids three days ago having trouble with right one, don,t seem to be working properly called my audiologist has not got back with me yet ,hopefully get that straighten out ,could not believe when I first put them I think they will be great when working right will post again
John M. 24 February 2017
I love them. best ones yet.
Member 06 April 2017
I just upgraded to the rechargeable V90s from 3 year old Phonaks.... been wearing hearing aids for 20 plus years and these have changed my life... they are awesome. The travel pack needs the Phonak battery case but is very good. The Com Pilot air clips onto my shirt by above the top button or on my undershirt and lasts 4.5 hours and the unit plays music beautifully from my Iphone takes calls allows audible books to be read... sometimes this is happening when I am at work or somewhere boring. the Sound quality and balance is the best I have ever experienced. I can converse in cars for the first time hear the turned down radios most people have on in their machines... the other day I realised I was listening clearly to people conversing in a bar behind me. I guess this stuff is yawn worthy for you normally hearing people but it is open mouthed beautiful to me. Today I heard a bird singing across the way.. so strange that it took me 30 minutes to realise what it was. So not sure about the connectivity issues mentioned below but you do need the Air to be close and central even a hand will block the feeble signal. I am not having an issue and to leave you with a tip... buy a £20 blue tooth TRAMSMITTER from Amazon (transmitter not receiver) they work in any device with a 3.5ml headphone socket. I can now get my TV and my Ipod directly to my hearing aids via the compilot air. They also work in Cars with headphone sockets etc etc... its better than the TV station from Phonak and they turn previously non bluetooth devices into hearing aid friendly connections....
Member 14 October 2017
I been having so much problem with this hearing aids...i keep on hearing some noise sound when something is loud..i keep on getting my hearing aids rebooted.... And now i need this little wired replace cause im having to readjustment
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