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Signia Silk primax Hearing Aid

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About the Signia Silk primax

Silk™, a new ready-to-wear hearing aid from Signia (previously Siemens), was released on October 19, 2016 at the 61st International Congress of Hearing Care Professionals EUHA in Hannover, Germany. 

Silk™ is unique in that it offers a comfortable in-the-canal hearing aid solution for consumers wishing to avoid the traditional custom-fitting process. The custom-fitting process typically involves having an ear impression taken (at the hearing provider's office) so that a hand-made (or 3D-printed) hearing aid shell can be fabricated (with the hearing aid electronics and componentry installed inside the shell). Impressions are (physically or digitally) sent off to the hearing aid manufacturer and then the patient and hearing provider must wait a period of days to weeks to schedule a follow-up appointment for the hearing aid fitting.

Silk™ avoids the custom-fitting process entirely by employing soft-silicone "click-sleeves," which mold to the contours of the customer's earcanals. This allows the customer to take the hearing aids home to evaluate them immediately

Here's what Signia has to say: "Silk™ hearing aids are packed full of advanced features that deliver outstanding sound quality. Its revolutionary binaural OneMic directionality boosts your ear’s natural focus on specific sounds from the front while filtering out annoying noises from behind. And thanks to its wireless connectivity, you can stream audio directly into your ears and enjoy the convenience of a wide range of accessories, such as remote controls." More from Signia:

Packed with advanced features, tiny Silk™ primax™ CICs are nearly invisible in the ear. Their binauaral OneMic directionality is a world’s first. With their flexible, fast-fitting Click Sleeves, the new Silk models are ideal for first-time wearers looking for a discreet solution and no fuss. Three different sleeve sizes, suitable for any ear, mean your patients can walk in, try on Silk, and walk out the door with their new hearing aids without having to wait for a custom-built device.

Signia Silk primax Model Details

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Signia Silk primaxTM

4 reviews

Release Date: 02 March 2016

The Signia Silk primax uses size 10 hearing aid batteries.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
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Signia Silk primax Physical Specifications

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Signia Silk primax Technology Details

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Signia Silk primax Accessories



  • Remote Control

Compatible Aids



Compatible Aids

easyTek™ App


  • Smartphone App

Compatible Aids

touchControl™ App


  • Smartphone App

Compatible Aids



  • Remote Microphone

Compatible Aids

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Signia Silk primax Videos

The new Silk hearing aids. Our next step to invisibility.
Signia Silk primax Video

The new Silk hearing aids. Our next step to invisibility.

18 October 2016

It's our mission to create the best possible solution for your hearing issue and with Silk, this solution comes in an incredibly discreet, small...

Binaural OneMic directionality Demonstration
Signia Silk primax Video

Binaural OneMic directionality Demonstration

24 March 2015

An explanation of OneMic directionality technology, available in the Signia Silk™ primax products.

Silk - Click. Fit. Go.
Signia Silk primax Video

Silk - Click. Fit. Go.

01 December 2016

Signia's new Silk primax hearing aid - the discretion of a CIC meets the simplicity of a RIC. 

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Signia Silk primax Reviews

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Member 30 August 2018

The Signia CIC hearing aids are good, but expensive through the Audiologist I found as listed by Siemens the original owner of Signia which I believe is now divested and independent as shown in last previous table? Major problem with the required Bluetooth connection and recently with microphone aperture is getting clogged causing the hearing aids to fail 2 times and being returned to the factory This did not happen with my Widex, the first pair I got, but that Audiologist was too far and wanted me to get behind-the-ear type which I cannot say I want. I also think a problem with this first CIC is one was loose and would fall out especially if falling asleep and waking up I stepped on it broke; happened enough that I lost insurance coverage by the company. Not good and it’s happened again with the new one & had it fixed,so far so good. It’s the blue tooth “EasyTek “ adaptation that is so cheap and I know it’s going to need to be replaced that is just so disappointing!

Member 14 August 2018

Mine are 5px, not 7px. Trialing them for now but won't be keeping them. Feedback is bad at the levels they are set at but still not giving me the amplification I need. No volume controls on the HA themselves and no click or tone using the East Tek remote makes changing volume a pain. No auto mute of the microphones when streaming - not sure if that's a programming issue or design. Not usable with TV transmitter due to lack of volume, same with streaming phone calls in noisy situations. I'm not able to give a fair assessment of the Silks as I don't think they're anywhere near what I need.

Morton K. 14 August 2018

Been using HA for 3 years. Moderate hearing loss. Moved from Oticon Alta Pro 5 months ago. The Silks are very comfortable. A big relief to get rid of the behind the ears HA. No severe occlusion like some other CIC i tried because they are vented. Sound is better than the Oticons. Another benefits is that over the ear stereo headphones now sounds terrific and using the cellphone is easier than with BTE. Easy to clean, just replace the silicon sleeve (wash them in warm water). I cant say I notice any effect at all of the claimed directionality programs. With a Signia Primax 7px BTE with more microphones it might work, but the Silk only use one mic. The noise cancelling program works to some degree. On a flight and in a car it helps. But in a noisy pub it's the same as with all HAs..rubbish

Danny C. 14 August 2018

I have only had these Signia Primax 7 hearing aids for a week but after a second adjustment I am hearing so much better now (my wife is glad I am not saying HUH all the time). I also purchased the Signia EasyTek and am having some real problems keeping it connected to not only my phone but also to the hearing aids. I am constantly having to re-connect them both all day long. But as for the hearing aids they have been a tremendous help in understanding speech. I am still trying to get used to how to handle them around loud noises but I'm sure with another tweak or two from the audiologist they will get where they work well in all environments for me.

Member 14 August 2018

It's very comfortable for me, but after a while, I'm ready to take them out of my ears. I have occasional squeaks and feedback, but nothing I can't live with. Mainly just while chewing food. Overall, I am doing much better with my wife, and at work, so no complaints really. Plus, they're pretty incognito... which is what I was hoping for.

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Member 05 July 2017
I have using hearing aids for the last 5 yes. This month july 17 ii read about signia silk 7px. I am using this now for last 2 days only.I have only one word for this WONDERFUL. Madan.14203 Teal Cove lane Houton
Morton K. 05 September 2017
Been using HA for 3 years. Moderate hearing loss. Moved from Oticon Alta Pro BTE 5 months ago. The Silks CIC are very comfortable.
Member 02 June 2018
My husband has these hearing aids, they are not working well at all, we need some attention somehow in this town of Crawfordville, Fl. When he originally bought these we went to Tallahassee for sales and service. That office closed and we are lost at what to do!
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