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About the Unitron Moxi Kiss

The Unitron Moxi™ Kiss is a receiver in the ear hearing aid that has an ingress protection rating of IP57 and uses size 312 hearing aid batteries. Technology levels include the Moxi Kiss 20, the Moxi Kiss Pro, the Moxi Kiss 12, the Moxi Kiss 6, and the Moxi Kiss E.

Unitron Moxi Kiss Model Details

Unitron Moxi™ Kiss

Professionally-fitted hearing aid

Unitron MoxiTM Kiss

16 reviews

Release Date: 19 March 2013

The Unitron Moxi Kiss has an ingress protection rating of IP57 and uses size 312 hearing aid batteries.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating: IP57

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Unitron Moxi Kiss Physical Specifications

Unitron Moxi Kiss
Unitron Moxi™ Kiss

16 reviews

Disposable Batteries Battery Size
IP Rating (Liquid) 7
IP Rating (Solid) 5

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Unitron Moxi Kiss Technology Level Comparison

Unitron Moxi Kiss 6 Unitron Moxi Kiss E Unitron Moxi Kiss 12 Unitron Moxi Kiss 20 Unitron Moxi Kiss Pro
Price $

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4 reviews

Adjustment Synchronization

Technology specifications listed above may be incomplete or inaccurate. For full specifications please refer to product specifications published by the original equipment manufacturer. To suggest a correction to the details listed, please email info@hearingtracker.com.

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Unitron Moxi Kiss Videos

Introducing Moxi Kiss
Unitron Moxi Kiss Video

Introducing Moxi Kiss

29 May 2013

Official Unitron video introducing the technology behind the Moxi Kiss.

Unitron Moxi Kiss Video

Review of the Moxi Kiss

09 December 2013

Here's a video showing a personalized introduction to the Moxi Kiss.

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Unitron Moxi Kiss Reviews

Hearing aid reviews are fundamentally different from reviews for most other consumer electronic products. The reason is because individual factors, like degree of hearing loss, have a profound effect one's success and overall satisfaction with the product. When purchasing a hearing aid, you'll need to consider more than just your hearing outcome ... Continue reading

Review the Unitron Moxi Kiss

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Member 02 February 2019

These hearing aids are OK, but don't connect well w/ my iPhone or my computer using the UDirect2 pendant to enable bluetooth. The wax guards lost their grommets so I can no longer use disposable ear wax guard inserts. After 4 years, I think it's time for an upgrade. They only have 1 program which is set by my audiologist, thus, I can't reconfigure based upon my environment. I doubt they even sell these models any more.

Member 14 August 2018

I have needed these for years! I didn't know what i was missing... really made a big difference in my life!

Ellen M
Ellen M 14 August 2018

I truly love my hearing aids. I now hear things that I didn't even know I was missing. I recommend them to everyone who will listen...and some who don't! They have greatly improved my quality of life.

Virginia K
Virginia K 13 December 2018

I was in my early 40s when I was diagnosed with my hearing loss-I had a real problem accepting this because I was old yet. The first ones we the small aids in the ear, but those were not comfortable to wear the 18 hours I need them. Now Inhave the Moxi Kiss and I forget that I have them on. Can't tell you haw many times I have stepped in the shower before I remember they were in my ears. I still can't hear people behind me or in large meetings. I am hoping to be able to use my phone to enhance my hearing so I am researching alternatives.

ZACHARY N 13 December 2018
One of the best things about this aid from unitron is the ability to be upgraded, talk to your provider about changing to the pro level and you should be able to hear much better in large crowds.
Member 31 January 2017

Generally acceptable especially as they were bottom of the line cheap but reliability of both is terrible. One or the other has gone in for repair about every six months from new. Now four years old.

Carol S
Carol S 02 October 2016

My aid has enabled me to go to a restaurant with a group and still be able to hear and enter into conversation

Anonymous 02 May 2016

It was much more simple than I thought it would be. They are easy to put in. I don't notice them in my ears. They do make a difference in how I hear.

Anonymous 01 May 2016

Make sure they satisfy your problems before purchasing and find a good provider.

April S
April S 13 November 2014

I love them and so happy that I went in to talk about new ones for me.

Member 10 July 2015

i was dead set against getting a hearing aid but went for a hearing test. After hearing the results of the test, I said ok to the hearing aid and I'm so glad I did. I don't feel outside of the conversations any more. I hear the TV and music wonderfully with out blasting the sound. I came from a family of hearing aid people and always read lips but it is so much nicer to hear what is being said than to guess.

Member 10 July 2015

My quality of life has improved since getting my hearing aids.

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Member 27 May 2016
No on off switch. Big no no battery door very difficult ot open. smooth hard to hold housing. slippery if sweating. No better in sound than phonax.
Member 23 June 2016
I have a Phonak,Bolero-Q50-P, and I'm pretty satisfied with it assistants of hearing, except when it comes to the phone. My question is why did I pay $5000.00 for these hearing aids, and on the internet I see most are around $1000.00 or so. Can you explain the difference. Even though I like my hearing aids, as they do help a lot. I still feel I got ripped off , as I paid 5X times that amount ! This is also the first hearing aid I have had. Being a first time buyer, I never really researched the cost prior.
Tom S
Tom S 21 September 2017
While I was told that they were iPhone compatible it is only compatible for streaming. There is no control over EQ (base and trebel). I can only control the highs and lows via my audiologist who has a computer program that tells him what frequencies my ears "should" be hearing. I am a recording artist with 10 albums and a gold record. I understand more about adjusting base and trebel than he. If you trust your audiologist and he will work with you these are good hearing aids. If nor, get some that are truly smartphone compatable. No two ears are the same. Find an audiologist that understands that or buy another brand of hearing aids.
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