Unitron stride p

Unitron Stride P Pro Behind The Ear - Fusion Hearing Aid

  • Water
    Rated 7
  • Dust
    Rated 6
Battery: Size 13
Technology Level: 1
Programs: 7
Channels: 20
Bandwidth: 5300

Audio streaming between aids
Direct Audio Input
Directional microphone
FM Compatibility
Music Program
Push button
Remote Control
Synchronization between aids
Tinnitus Therapy
Volume control
Volume control - Binaural

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Introducing the North Platform

"Want to take natural sound in a new direction your patients will love? Our new North platform is here and it’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with more power, more speed and more capacity for the features that bring your patients closer than ever to natural hearing." 

Favorite Sounds from Around the World

"We have a lot in common. Ask people from around the world about their favorite sound and you learn a lot – like just how much we have in common. Hearing is believing."

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Unitron Stride P Pro Features and Benefits

SpeechZone 2 - In noisy situations, adjusts to an optimal microphone strategy to focus on speech from any direction

Binaural spatial processing - Hearing instruments work together to determine the direction of speech

SoundNav - Automatic program that identifies and smoothly transitions across seven environments, with a special focus on conversations

Sound Conductor - Dynamically balances the appropriate features providing speech understanding and comfort while maintaining natural sound quality

Log It All - Logs time spent across all seven SoundNav environments to support technology recommendations

MyMusic - Specialized fitter-controlled settings to enhance music enjoyment. Hearing aids automatically work togetheer when music is detected. 

Binaural Phone - Streams conversation from phone ear to opposite ear, no accessory required

Automatic Adaptation Manager - Intelligently and gently transitions patients to the amplification required for long-term optimal speech understanding from first fit acceptance

Other features - Pinna Effect, Natural Sound Balance, Data logging, Feedback manager, Wind control, Tinnitus masker, Manual programs, Streaming programs, DuoLink, Easy-t, Easy-DAI, IntelliVent technology for custom ear pieces, Plasma coating, IP67, Telecoil, WDRC and Linear processing

Unitron Stride P Pro Accessories

uControl App
uTV 3
Remote Control II

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