California Hearing Center

Hearing Aid Clinic in Bakersfield, California

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Location and Hours

California Hearing Center
4900 California Avenue Tower B, 2nd Floor
Bakersfield, California 93309
(661) 727-7398
Opening Hours
Sunday Closed
Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday Closed

About Us

Everyone deserves exceptional hearing healthcare.

At California Hearing Center, we ensure that you have access to the best devices with features that enhance your daily life. If you do find that you’re in need of a hearing device, we offer a range of options to meet every budget and lifestyle.

Our office provides a complete range of diagnostic hearing services as well as preventative options. From comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing aid fittings and repair, to custom ear plugs and protection, tinnitus management, we measure our own success by the satisfaction of our patients. It’s why we focus on delivering effective results with compassion, education, and integrity.

Our Staff is bilingual in Spanish, Russian, Farsi, ASL (American Sign Language) and Swedish. An additional 90 languages can be accommodated using our telephone interpreter language lines at no cost.

We welcome individuals of all ages and families from diverse backgrounds.

Quality health care begins with the patient-provider relationship, and quality health care for a population as diverse as ours requires effective communication in all the services California Hearing Center provides. We create an environment where our providers and staff reflect the diversity of our patient population in language, culture, race, sexual orientation, and physical ability. Valley Hearing Center employs bilingual providers who can meet the cultural, linguistic and medical needs of non-English and limited English speaking populations.

Our staff and can assist patients in better communicating with medical professionals, including our multi-lingual audiologists and hearing instrument specialists. It is our mission to empower our patients to overcome barriers to hearing better and living healthy lives.

When you visit us, you will feel confident that our team will get you back on the path to better hearing in no time!

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Our Staff

Jaime Silva

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Jaime Silva

15 reviews


  • American Auditory Society
  • Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals

Jaime Silva

Born and raised in Torrance California, Jaime has been in the Hearing Care Industry since 2000 Licensed in California and Arizona. Jaime is married t...


Jaime Silva

Born and raised in Torrance California, Jaime has been in the Hearing Care Industry since 2000 Licensed in California and Arizona. Jaime is married to his beautiful wife Julia and has 3 children Anthony, Brianna and Nathan. Jaime loves to coach Little league baseball, play golf, travel and cook Gourmet meals for his family and friends in his spare time.

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Our Services

Testing and Diagnostics
  • Adult Hearing Evaluations
  • Dizziness and Balance Evaluations
  • Free Hearing Screenings
  • Pediatric Hearing Evaluations
  • Speech-in-noise testing
  • Tinnitus Assessments
  • Tympanometry Evaluations
  • Veterans Hearing Evaluations
  • Video Otoscopy
Hearing Assistance
  • Hearing Assistance Technology
  • In-Home Wireless Device Setup
  • Needs Assessment
  • Pediatric Hearing Aid Fittings
Musician Services
  • Musician's Earplugs
  • Musician's In-Ear-Monitors
Other Services
  • Auditory-Verbal Therapy
  • Captioned Phones
  • Ear, Nose, and Throat Services
  • Earwax Removal
  • Hearing Aid Repairs
  • Hearing Aid Testbox
  • Hearing Loop Demos
  • Home-Based Care
  • Lyric Provider
  • Noise Protection Earplugs
  • Nursing Home Care
  • Positional Dizziness Treatment
  • Real Ear Measurements
  • Remote Care
  • Sound Tolerance Treatment
  • Speech Therapy Services
  • Tinnitus Counseling
  • Unbundled Hearing Aid Pricing
  • Virtual Sound Room

Hearing Aids

At California Hearing Center, we fit and service hearing aids manufactured by Beltone, Bernafon, Oticon, Oticon Medical, Phonak, ReSound, Rexton, Siemens, Signia, Sonic, Sophono, Starkey, Unitron, and Widex.

Customer Reviews

California Hearing Center has 20 customer reviews, and has achieved excellent ratings for its location, promptness, experience, scheduling, and staff.







Based on 20 reviews

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Irene S.
Irene S. 29 May 2023

Since I've been seeing Jaime for years, I've never considered going anywhere else. He provides the best service, and I trust him. He is considerate and a pleasure to work with. I recently received brand-new hearing aids, and I am in love with them. My entire world has changed.

Review of Jaime Silva


Brian W.
Brian W. 26 May 2023

My kid, who uses hearing aids, has benefited greatly from the assistance of the California Hearing Center. Beautiful, professional office with helpful staff. When my son is having trouble with a hearing aid at school and we need some urgent help, it's typically simple to get in to see someone at the last minute.

Stephanie D.
Stephanie D. 22 May 2023

From the receptionists to the hearing aid providers, the personnel is attentive. Since I've been using hearing aids for a while, I think they genuinely want to give me the finest hearing experience possible. Useful advice and tips on keeping hearing aids in tip-top shape seem to come as second nature. Easy to make appointments- and reminders when you're due for checkups.

Review of Jaime Silva

The Best!

 Siert IJben
Siert IJben 18 May 2023

Jaime is a welcoming and competent professional at California Hearing Center. With my hearing aids, I'm quite happy. He took his time and thoroughly explained how to use them to me. I believe I can easily get in to see Jaime for assistance if I ever do get issues with them.

Review of Jaime Silva

Competent professional!

Anonymous 18 May 2023

Jaime is a welcoming and competent professional at California Hearing Center. With my hearing aids, I'm quite happy. He took his time and thoroughly explained how to use them to me. I believe I can easily get in to see Jaime for assistance if I ever do get issues with them.

Review of Jaime Silva

Competent professional!

Sibren Van
Sibren Van 12 May 2023

If you are experiencing hearing issues, I strongly encourage you to talk to Jaime at California Hearing Center. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Jaime has been wonderful to work with as he has guided me through my first experience of buying and wearing my hearing aid(s). Thank you for being so caring and thorough. I look forward to your continued assistance throughout the years.

Review of Jaime Silva

Such generosity and consideration!

Thijs B.
Thijs B. 11 May 2023

Jaime is very thorough and sincere in his desire to find the greatest fit for his clients—at least for me—always explaining his actions. After my trial with a basic unit, he fitted me well and adjusted my device so well that I have already forgotten and gone into the shower with it on (in) five times! No wind noise playing golf. I only needed one device and my hearing in both ears is now perfectly balanced.

Review of Jaime Silva

Always makes things clear!

Johnnie T.
Johnnie T. 08 May 2023

The California Hearing Center was courteous, diligent, and professional. The entire process is outlined by Jaime Silva, and it proceeds as planned. I will recommend them to every one of my friends and family because he performed such an outstanding job. I appreciate Jaime going above and beyond.

Review of Jaime Silva


Patrice S.
Patrice S. 26 April 2023

This place is excellent. The receptionist worked hard to find a good slot for me in a busy time, the office was beautiful and clean and pleasant, and Jaime was so friendly and professional. No complaints. It was a great time.

Diouf B.
Diouf B. 19 April 2023

Jaime is a great person to work with to get both your hearing checked and to provide a wide variety of solutions for any problems. He will come to you whenever is convenient and perform a comprehensive hearing test. He will show you the results and discuss them with you. If a hearing aid is needed, he will offer suggestions but not try to push a brand or model. I highly recommend California Hearing Center to anyone who is struggling with hearing loss.

Review of Jaime Silva


Terrence P.
Terrence P. 04 April 2023

Jaime Silva is an absolute pro. He was very kind and listened to me patiently before providing help for my tinnitus. At my next appointment when I told him it had helped, he broke into a smile and showed genuine happiness for me. I feel very fortunate to have found him. His office is well run too, and his staff is quite pleasant and courteous. He comes highly recommended by me.

William P.
William P. 03 April 2023

Jaime Silva and his staff are absolutely the best! Jaime is incredibly knowledgeable, informative, thorough, patient, and helpful. He explains everything carefully and completely, including tips about how to make your hearing aid batteries last longer. Absolutely no complaints and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a set of earplugs or general audiology!

Selena S.
Selena S. 27 March 2023

This was a very stress-free experience. Jaime Silva is wonderful. He got me very good hearing aids that don't fall out. The office is well organized. Also, there is not much wait time. He serves clients of all ethnic groups and ages. The office staff is also very helpful and patient. They took care of everything and answered any questions without hesitation. I am very happy I went there and highly recommend California Hearing Center!

Review of Jaime Silva

Kind and helpful!

Anonymous 23 February 2022

Very professional, extremely helpful, would highly recommend!

Antonio Serro
Antonio Serro 23 November 2021

I highly recommend this place. The staff is always helpful, and Mr. Silva is always able to answer our questions and concerns. We left feeling happy that my father's issues were addressed and he was on his way to getting better. Overall, we were glad to choose this office.

Review of Jaime Silva

Mr. Silva is always able to answer our questions and concerns

Nicoli L
Nicoli L 14 November 2021

I work with my ears in the field of musical engineering - so my hearing is of heightened importance. California Hearing is pleasant, committed to excellence, and they listen. Making an appointment to see them is very easy. Usually, they can fit you in within a couple of days. The wait doesn't bother me.

Review of Jaime Silva

I would highly recommend this person.

Phil  J
Phil J 09 November 2021

Great find. I highly recommend.

Review of Jaime Silva

Nice and very honest. I did not feel pushed at all to purchase.

Anonymous 18 November 2020


Review of Jaime Silva


Anonymous 18 November 2020

I had a great experience at California Hearing Center. I am glad they are in Bakersfield!

Review of Jaime Silva

Very patient and nice.

Anonymous 18 November 2020

Thank you for being in Bakersfield! I really can hear better.

Review of Jaime Silva


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