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Dr. Weissman is a graduate of the consistently top-ranked Vanderbilt Medical School Doctor of Audiology program. His training included clinical experience at Nashville’s Veteran’s Health Administration Medical Center and at a private audiology practice working with both children and adults. Before opening his practice in San Rafael, Dr. Weissman held the chief audiologist position at a four-physician ear, nose, and throat practice in Oakland. He also helped manage a retail-based hearing aid center in Marin County.

Prior to entering the audiology field, Dr. Weissman earned degrees in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering. His rigorous engineering training prepared him to work as a software developer, product designer and manager for several major medical device companies in Silicon Valley. His extensive knowledge of acoustics, electronics, and medical instrumentation offers his patients a valuable edge. He is better prepared to understand the technical features of digital hearing aids and to select and adjust devices to best suit his patients’ needs.



Lee Weissman, AuD

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Doctor of Audiology and former Medical Device Engineer, Dr. Weissman brings to Marin County a scientific approach to selecting and fitting hearing aids. By understanding hearing aid technology, acoustics, and ergonomics from the inside out, he is able to provide hearing solutions that are... More

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