Advanced Hearing Aid Center Hearing Aid Clinic in San Luis Obispo, California

Advanced Hearing Aid Center is a hearing aid clinic located at 628 California Boulevard Suite F, San Luis Obispo, California, 93401. See services, customer feedback, and find Advanced Hearing Aid Center on a map.

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628 California Boulevard
Suite F
San Luis Obispo, California 93401
United States of America
(805) 544-3277


Brian Boleenbaugh, BC-HIS

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I've been a Hearing Instrument Specialist for 35 years. I enjoy helping people regain the confidence and independence that improved hearing and communication can give them.

Services Provided

Adult Hearing Aid Fittings

Adult Hearing Evaluations

Free Hearing Screenings

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Assistance Technology

Musician's Earplugs

Musician's In-Ear-Monitors

Noise Protection Earplugs

Real Ear Measurements