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Hearing Aid Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky

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4135 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40207
United States of America

About HearCare

HearCare is a full–service provider of clinical and diagnostic audiological products, services, and counseling, including:

  • Comprehensive hearing tests/evaluations and screenings for adults
  • Evaluation and selection of hearing aids to meet your needs
  • Custom hearing aid fittings, including conventional and advanced digital hearing aids
  • Advice and counseling on the use and care of hearing aids
  • Minor hearing aid repairs on-site, usually within 48 hours
  • Custom hearing products, including musicians' earplugs, swim molds and hearing protection
  • Assistive listening devices (ALD's), including Bluetooth/Wireless technology and FMtechnology, alarm clocks, doorbells, television, and phone amplifiers


Richard Lazich, AuD

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HearCare of Louisville provides comprehensive clinical and rehabilitative services for those who are experiencing the impact of hearing loss in their day to day activities. We are Doctors of Audiology providing "best practices" to our patients. We can find a solution for your hearing needs at a... More

Services Provided

Adult Hearing Aid Fittings

Adult Hearing Evaluations

Earwax Removal

Hearing Aid Repairs

Musician's Earplugs

Noise Protection Earplugs

Real Ear Measurements

Tinnitus Assessments

Tinnitus Counseling

Tympanometry Evaluations