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Desert Valley Audiology is a premier diagnostic audiology clinic serving the Las Vegas area. At our clinic our first priority is to do what is best for you the patient. We provide a wide variety of hearing services for all ages and pride ourselves on our professional medical setting. Come and experience the difference for yourself!



Timothy Hunsaker, AuD

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Dr. Hunsaker is from a small town in southern Idaho. He attended both undergraduate and graduate school at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho. During his schooling he had clinical rotations at The Hearing and Balance Center at the Elks and Saltzer Medical Group in Boise, Idaho and... More

Services Provided

Adult Hearing Aid Fittings

Adult Hearing Evaluations

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Assistance Technology

Musician's Earplugs

Tinnitus Assessments

Tinnitus Counseling


Hearing Aids in Las Vegas/Henderson NV - Desert Valley Audiology Seminar - Listen in as Timothy Hunsaker, Au.D., talks about an upcoming seminar at Desert Valley Audiology.

Video Transcript for those with Hearing Loss:

Hi! I'm Timothy Hunsaker of Desert Valley Audiology and I want to welcome you to our website. But I also invite you to attend our seminar. One of the nice things about seminars is that it really allows me to talk to people and it gives me more time to teach people about hearing, hearing loss, hearing aids, and tinnitus. The other nice thing is that people get to ask me their questions.

One of the things when we started Desert Valley Audiology, that I wanted to achieve was I wanted people to be aware that Desert Valley Audiology is not your typical hearing place that you buy two get one free hearing aids, a 50% off, save 5000 dollars. These kinds of claims are a little silly in my mind because the average person is going to realize that your not really getting 50% off, you're not really getting 5000 dollars off. These gimmicks are something that we're not going to do.

We want to use this opportunity to meet with people and also have them ask questions, ask whatever they want and Im ready to give those answers. And also the main goal in seminars is to educate the patients, educate you and teach you the things you should know before you buy hearing aids. The other one that often scares me is when someone comes in here and say I have this hearing aid and its terrible and I paid 4, 6, 8000 dollars for them. And I look at the hearing aids and its a hearing that should not be sold for 50 hundred a piece. And so you get to those people that they might not be selling you the appropriate things. There's a lot to learn but I feel like seminars are great opportunity at least to get a basis of hearing and hearing aids. So you'll know how to expect. Please join us, we have a nice lunch provided and a good seminar where I discuss topics and lets you ask questions. so if you have any questions before that, please call us or sign up right at our website.

Serving the hearing impaired of Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada since 2010. Call us at (702) 605-9133 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tim Hunsaker Au.D.

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501 S Rancho Dr., Ste A8, Las Vegas, NV 89106

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