Estes Audiology Hearing Centers Hearing Aid Clinic in New Braunfels, Texas

Estes Audiology Hearing Centers is a hearing aid clinic located at 1528 Common St 5 , New Braunfels, Texas, 78130. See services, customer feedback, and find Estes Audiology Hearing Centers on a map.

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1528 Common St 5
Comal County
New Braunfels, Texas 78130
United States of America
(830) 643-0033


Kelli Stringer House, MA

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Kelli House, M.A. has practiced in the field of Audiology for over fifteen years. Mrs. House has experience in both pediatric and adult counseling, diagnostic testing and hearing aid selection and fitting. Prior to joining Estes Audiology in May of 2008, she was Director of Audiology at Easter... More

Soriya Estes, AuD

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Soriya Estes, AuD has practiced in Audiology field since 1998 and has clinics throughout Central Texas. Dr. Estes serves as a guest faculty member at the University of Texas – Austin and is also currently on the UT-Austin College of Communication Advisory Council. She has been on the Board of... More

Services Provided

Adult Hearing Aid Fittings

Adult Hearing Evaluations

Earwax Removal

Musician's Earplugs

Musician's In-Ear-Monitors

Otoacoustic Emission Evaluations

Pediatric Hearing Aid Fittings

Pediatric Hearing Evaluations

Real Ear Measurements

Tinnitus Assessments

Tinnitus Counseling