Widex evoke fashion mini

Widex EVOKE Fashion Mini 110 Behind The Ear - Fusion Hearing Aid

  • Water
    Rated 8
  • Dust
    Rated 6
Water Resistant Coating
Push Button
IP Rating (Liquid)
IP Rating (Solid)
Disposable Batteries
Android Compatibility
Adjustment Bands
Environmental Adaptation
Frequency Lowering
Listening Programs
Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction
+ 5 more
Release Date: 17 April 2018

Widex EVOKE Fashion Mini 110 Product Information

The WIDEX EVOKE™ FASHION MINI-BTE is based on the WIDEX E-platform, with a Fluid Sound Controller that handles automatic processing more accurately and faster than before. EVOKE™ is the first hearing aid to use SoundSense Adapt to learn from the users’ preferences and help guide them to a better, more personalised sound.
Multiple wireless connectivity options via WidexLink technology and TONELINK App

  • Compatible with the DEX assistive listening devices
  • 4 performance levels 440/330/220/110
  • Uses a size 312 battery
  • Protection class IP68
  • Minimal to severe-to-profound hearing losses

- Source: Widex

Widex EVOKE Fashion Mini 110 Videos

Introducing the Widex EVOKE Hearing aid

Get the details about the Widex EVOKE Hearing aid - the first hearing aid with machine learning technology inside

Widex EVOKE Fluid Sound Technologies

Get the details for the Fluid Sound Technologies - part of the Widex EVOKE Hearing aid

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Widex EVOKE Fashion Mini 110 Accessories


Widex EVOKE Fashion Mini 110 Colors

Pearl White
Winter Silver
Silver White
Titan Grey
Summer Gold
Tan Silk
Warm Beige
Copper Brown
Cappucino Brown
Midnight Black

EVOKE™ Form Factors

Widex EVOKE Fashion Mini 110 Features

The Widex EVOKE Fashion Mini 110 has water resistant coating, push button, ip rating (liquid), ip rating (solid), disposable batteries, android compatibility, processing channels, noise reduction, noise reduction, listening programs, tinnitus relief, frequency lowering, adjustment bands, stereo audio streaming, unique amplification strategy, environmental adaptation, and unique amplification strategy. More features are available in higher technology levels: Widex EVOKE Fashion Mini 440, Widex EVOKE Fashion Mini 330, and Widex EVOKE Fashion Mini 220.

Hardware Features

Water Resistant Coating

Nano Coating

Push Button

Push Button: Program control, Volume Control

IP Rating (Liquid)


IP Rating (Solid)


Disposable Batteries

Battery Size: 312

Android Compatibility

Software Features

Adjustment Bands


Environmental Adaptation

Fluid Sound Analyzer: 3

Frequency Lowering

Audibility Extender

Listening Programs


Noise Reduction

Soft-level noise reduction

Processing Channels


Stereo Audio Streaming

Stereo streaming (2.4 GHz)

Tinnitus Relief

Zen: InterEar

Unique Amplification Strategy

Fluid Sound Controller
Variable Speed Compression

Listening Modes

Automatic Listening Modes - Universal

Classical Music
Contemporary Music
Party with Speech
Party without Speech
Quiet with Speech
Quiet without Speech
Transport with Speech
Transport without speech
Urban with Speech
Urban without Speech

Manually Accessible Listening Modes


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