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Widex MOMENT RIC 312 D

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About Widex MOMENT

Released in March, 2020, MOMENT is the latest hearing aid family from Widex. MOMENT promises to deliver "the most pure, natural sound ever" by introducing "ultrafast" ZeroDelay™ and PureSound™ technologies. Widex is also touting the introduction of the "smallest rechargeable lithium-ion receiver-in-canal hearing aid on the market" with the MOMENT mRIC.

PureSound™ with ZeroDelay™

Widex is promising the most natural, least distorted sound experience ever using the new ZeroDelay™ and PureSound™ technologies. In a nutshell, ZeroDelay™ offers to deliver sound to the eardrum faster than ever before, reducing the chance for frequnecy interference in the earcanal (when sound passing through the open ear mixes with amplified sound from the hearing aid). Widex is calling the sound delivered via ZeroDelay™ it's PureSound™ experience.

All of this is achieved by processor speed advancements when compared to previous generations of RIC products, and Widex claims 85% of listeners prefer the new PureSound™ when compared to the sound offered by previous generations. Notably, Widex continues to offer its signature True-Input Technology, which reduces peak-clipping, further reducing distortion at the analog-to-digital converter. 

Smallest Rechargeable

According to Widex, the MOMENT mRIC is the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion RIC on the market. The mRIC represents Widex's first foray into lithium-ion technology. Previously Widex worked with partner ZPower to supply retrofit silver-zinc rechargeable battery solutions, but with lithium-ion becoming the de facto rechargeable solution, all hearing aid manufacturers are now developing lithium-ion solutions.

Aside from achieving a tiny hearing aid size, the lithium-ion solution also helps to provide improved moisture protection. In the past, the silver-zinc batteries were interchangeable with disposable batteries, but lithium-ion batteries require sealed battery doors, and this means less vulnerability to moisture for internal components. 

SoundSense Learn

We wrote a piece back in 2018 predicting that machine learning would revolutionize hearing aids. Widex pioneered SoundSense Learn machine learning technology in hearing aids with their EVOKE hearing aids, and the technology forms the foundation for the personalized sound enhancement used in the Widex MOMENT App. Research from Widex indicates that SoundSense Learn usage leads to greater listening comfort and subjective sound quality, and at Hearing Tracker, we highly recommend spending some time optimizing your hearing aids using the technology.

Widex RemoteCare

With the Widex Remote Care App and Widex Remote Link neckworn-accessory, you can have a live video call with your audiologist and receive real-time hearing aid adjustments. While the Remote Link accessory may be considered a nuisance (some manufactuers offer remote care with no accessory), Widex currently offers the most comphensive remote care available on the market, allowing your audiologist to make all of the same adjustments to your hearing aids that they might make in their clinic. This includes calibrating or re-calibrating the feedback cancellation software and checking your hearing again using in-situ audiometry (testing your hearing loss via the hearing aid itself). 

TV and Android Streaming Coming Soon

For those looking for direct audio streaming from Android devices, there may be a small wait. We have learned from Widex that this functionality, and wireless TV streaming via the TV PLAY accessory, are both on the way.


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