Amit Gosalia, AuD - Board Certified Doctor of Audiology in Woodland Hills

Amit Gosalia, AuD

Board Certified Doctor of Audiology in Woodland Hills

Doctor of Audiology - Arizona School of Health Sciences
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About Amit

Dr. Gosalia was born in NY and raised in AZ, where he completed most of his education. Most recently, he sold his private practice in Vancouver, WA and moved to sunny southern California and joined the growing West Valley Hearing Center in 2017. He became an audiologist to help the thousands of Americans with hearing loss enjoy those special moments they miss with family and friends. Along with his vast education, he also has a philanthropic heart. He has volunteered and helped create and grow numerous non-profits in WA, along with being elected to the American Board of Audiology Board of Governors, President of the Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association and chair of American Academy of Audiology Sub-Committee. Along with his national activities, he has written articles in national magazines, has been an invited speaker to audiology meetings and has given many talks to the medical community regarding hearing loss and tinnitus. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, watching and playing sports and continues to be active nationally with audiology.


Awards and Acknowledgements:


2017 Distinguished Service Award (A.T. Still University Alumni)

2014 Peer-Reviewed Article (Hearing Review)

2012-2016 Voted Best Audiologist (The Columbian)

2013 Elected Chair (American Academy of Audiology Sub-Committee)

2012-2017 Voted Best in Hearing Care (Vancouver Business Journal)

2012 Elected Governor/Board Member (American Board of Audiology)

2012 Accomplished & Under 40 (Vancouver Business Journal)

2011 Jack Vernon Crystal Award (American Tinnitus Association)

2011 Best in Hearing – National Award (Hearing Review)

2008-2013 Advisory Committee Member (AudiologyOnline)

2008-2011 Audiology Foundation of America Advisory Board

2007-2016 Scholar Award (American Ac. of Audiology – Awarded)

2007 Elected President (Arizona Speech-Language-Hearing Association)

2006-2007 Adjunct Professor (Arizona School of Health Sciences/A.T. Still University)

2006 Professional Leadership Award – National Award (AFA)

2005-2007 Arizona Licensure Review Board

Expert Answers


I have a high tone in my right ear. Do I need to see an audiologist or can I see any hearing prof...

Thanks for asking about the tone in your ear. The common term used when describing a sound in your ear(s) that is not generated from your environments is called tinnitus.... Read more

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