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Amy Swain, AuD

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Rochester

Doctor of Audiology - A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
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About Amy

Dr. Amy Swain graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Master's Degree in Audiology and then went on to get her Doctorate from A.T. Still University.    She owns 4 hearing centers located in Rochester, Owatonna, Waseca and Austin, Minnesota

Expert Answers


Is it true that some hearing aids are locked? I am considering purchasing hearing aids at Costco,...

Yes, the Kirkland brand aids are locked at Costco.  I am an independent audiologist in private practice and am constantly asked to reprogram hearing aids that are locked from... Read more


I am looking for a BiCros hearing aid. Currently on trial with Audibel A4i Platinum and trying ...

YOU are in luck.   Just this past year Signia came out with BiCROS.  It is the best BiCROS I have ever fit.   The battery life is so much better than the Phonak AND you can... Read more


What is the quality of Blamey Saunders hearing aids?

Purchasing an off brand hearing aid like this would limit your choices for getting help from an audiologist.  Hearing aids need to be professionally cleaned to keep them... Read more


Why is it difficult to understand words with hearing aids?

Some people have experienced damage to the hearing nerve which does not allow them to hear words clearly.   During a hearing aid evaluation an audiologist needs to know first,... Read more


How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aid costs vary a lot because of the level of technology and what you are wanting the hearing aid to do.   They can run as low as $400 a piece up to $4000 a piece. ... Read more


Is there any effective tinnitus treatment or supplement to alleviate or cure tinnitus?

Interestingly, a few of my patients have used an over-the-counter ear drop.   TRP Ring Relief.   It is relatively inexpensive.  My patients tell me it does not take away the... Read more


My provider only carries one brand of hearing aids. Is it important to have several brands to cho...

I carry most every brand available.   Some companies specialize in products that other companies do not.  It is important to know all of your options and if you limited to only... Read more


What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

Most often the symptoms of a hearing loss are hard for a person to notice for themselves at first.  Friends and family will notice it first because they are having to repeat... Read more


Is there an in-the-ear hearing aid available for high frequency profound hearing loss?

Frequency lowering is amazing for people who have a lot of hearing loss in the high frequencies.   Better speech understanding can be achieved and a whole lot less feedback. ... Read more


What analog hearing aids are currently available? I have severe hearing loss and digital aids are...

It is really difficult to find an analog hearing aid anymore.  I am currently fitting a patient who has your same issue. In my experience, I have found that you can fit a... Read more


Just got new hearing aids today. How many hours a day should I wear them to begin with?

I tell all of my clients to put their hearing aids in in the morning and take them out at night.   It takes a while to get used to them so you might want to take them out if... Read more


I have a Phonak cross-over pair--one ear is deaf and the aid in that ear transmits over to the go...

Rechargeable batteries do not work on the CROS unit.   The Signia CROS has a much better battery life with a 312 battery than the Phonak.  You can get 7 to 10 day with the Signia.


We are considering a behind the ear hearing aid for my adult son with special needs. There are ti...

If you get a behind the ear hearing aid for your son I would recommend a custom ear mold.   He can get a custom fit ear mold and still get the smaller RIC (Receiver in the... Read more


Is it possible to recommend the right hearing aid based on the hearing test (audiogram) alone?

No, I need to know more about the person.   People don't go see the eye doctor and have them select their frames.  The patient needs to know what all of their choices are and... Read more


Are online hearing tests accurate? I am thinking about buying online and not sure whether I can t...

I agree with all of these opinions from the other audiologists.  The chance for error is greater, all of the necessary testing is not possible to be done online, and you might... Read more

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