Asieh hariran

Asieh Haririan, BSc

Hearing Healthcare Provider in North Vancouver

Bachelor of Science in Audiology - Iran University of Medical Science
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Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society of BC

About Asieh

Meet Asieh Haririan, a Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner at Miracle-Ear North Vancouver. For 13 years, Asieh has been helping customers communicate better with their loved ones, a passion that stems from seeing her mother deal with severe hearing loss all her life. She is a member of the Board of Directors at Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society of BC. When she’s not spending time with her customers, Asieh can be found bonding with her two daughters or organizing social events in her community of False Creek. Swing by and say hi to Asieh.

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Asieh hariran

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