Barbara Corbett, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Chicago

Barbara Corbett, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Chicago

Doctor of Audiology - A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
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About Barbara

Boutique Hearing is the first and only concierge audiology practice serving the Chicagoland area. Boutique Hearing is changing how people think about hearing loss and hearing instruments through its unique “out of the sound booth” approach to client appointments. Boutique Hearing appointments take place at a location of our clients choosing, typically their home or office. Initial consults include a thorough case history followed by a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation. Following each evaluation those with hearing loss are able to try a variety of hearing instruments programmed to account for their specific hearing needs.


Boutique Hearing launched in January 2017 and has been literally bringing better hearing to Chicagoans since then. The owner and founder Dr. Barbara Corbett has over 16 years of experience treating those with hearing loss. The concept of concierge audiology was born from the realization that as hearing instruments evolved and became more sophisticated the process of fitting them had remained stagnant. Boutique Hearing’s innovative approach to hearing instrument fitting has modernized this process.  By fitting hearing instruments in the environment where they will be worn I am able to account for the acoustics of that environment as well as other background sounds that would otherwise be unknown. This results in a convenient, precise, customized hearing instrument fitting where clients know exactly how they will hear before the appointment is over. And that is key to what makes Boutique Hearing exceptional. Boutique Hearing is confidently going where no audiology practice has gone before…into our clients’ homes!


Expert Answers


What is the typical cost to have used hearing aids adjusted for a new owner?

The cost of having a hearing instrument reprogrammed will vary from office to office based on the service provided. Services could include a hearing test if you do not have one... Read more


What is the smallest hearing aid that also offers great reliability?

The smallest hearing instrument available will vary from person to person depending on your hearing loss and shape of the ear canal. Many manufacturers offer IIC... Read more


How do I find an audiologist who is good at programming hearing aids for reverse slope hearing lo...

Good question. A reverse slope hearing loss is not a typical hearing loss but it does occur more often than you may think. The best way to find the right audiologist is to ask... Read more

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