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Brad Odom

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Cheraw

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About Brad

Brad graduated from the University of Hawaii and has been helping patients with audiological services since 1997.  He became Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences in 1999. He was recognized as the #1 specialist in the third largest dispensing practice in the nation before going independent in 2003. His practice has grown to serve patients throughout both Carolina’s.

Currently a Board Member of Rotary International, Board Member of Scholarship Foundation and Committee chair of Williamson Park where he started and continues an annual Earth Day event.  He is active in Scouting and enjoys nearly all outdoor activities including boating, fishing, camping, and hiking.  He particularly enjoys spending time with his family.  He is happily married and has three wonderful children and two grandsons.

We are a full service Hearing HealthCare provider. Specializing in today's most advanced hearing instruments and assistive listening devices. We combine thorough testing, latest technology and educational counseling to determine best outcomes for our patients. We work with all major manufacturers to ensure you receive the most appropriate assistance, the most advanced technology and the best prices. Whether you simply need help with the phone, the TV or at church we have a solution for you. If you have trouble understanding in noisy environments at meetings, restaurants or social gatherings, we can help. We determine the type and severity of your hearing loss and work with you to determine the best options based on your loss, budget and lifestyle. We prove we are the best by demonstrating how much better you will hear and understand BEFORE asking for payment (financing available). If we can't help, YOU OWE US NOTHING!!!

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I am 62 and new to hearing aids. My test shows loss in mid-range freq. I have to turn the TV up a...

Both options are excellent choices.  You won't make a bad choice either way.  My preference is the Opn, but the only way to truly know, is to try them both.  I am certain the... Read more

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