Brad Stewart, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Allen
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Brad Stewart, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Allen

Doctor of Audiology - University of North Texas
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Our hearing loss treatment philosophy is that hearing loss is best treated by re-training your brain to hear properly. 

This involves more than just fitting you with hearing aids. Our proven NeuroHearing Treatment Program is like physical therapy for your ears and brain, helping your brain relearn to hear properly over time. Patients that experience the NeuroHearing Program see much higher than average satisfaction with their hearing about (around 96% are "Highly Satisfied" with their treatment outcomes).

In addition to convenient house call services and office locations in Allen and Lewisville, TX, ClearLife Hearing Care has partnered with FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers to create a world-class dizziness, balance, and fall prevention center in their Allen, TX location.

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I am looking for a BiCros hearing aid. Currently on trial with Audibel A4i Platinum and trying ...

Our practice has had good success fitting patients with the Widex Unique hearing aid BiCros system. Good, natural sound quality and no issues with echoing or distortion. You... Read more

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