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C. Scott Mills, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Clemmons

Doctor of Audiology - University of Florida
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About C. Scott

In practice for over 25 years in North Carolina and making people happy with their hearing almost every day of those 25 years.

Expert Answers

Clemmons nc

My mother uses hearing aids that are 14 years old. She is having difficulty hearing, but is cover...

Go to a local, private audiologist, and ask your question. There are low cost options now that weren't available 14 years ago. They can also direct you to state programs that... Read more

Clemmons nc

I get a lot of moisture in my ears from my hearing aids and I get a bad smell and have to use ear...

I am familiar with Eargo and the idea behind it is to allow some ventilation around and through those little tendrils that cover the end of the hearing aid. It's a good theory... Read more

Clemmons nc

Is Starkey going to go out of business? My doctor recommended Starkey aids to me, but I'm worried...

Starkey products and technologies are likely to be around a long time. It's a company with somewhere above $500 million in annual reveneues so it's unlikely they are going... Read more

Clemmons nc

Are any hearing aid companies offering cyber monday deals?

I'm not familiar with any manufacturer that offers Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals but it's really up to the local office to create a special offer. This would be akin to... Read more

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