Caleb Rhodes - Hearing Instrument Specialist in Brookport

Caleb Rhodes

Hearing Instrument Specialist in Brookport

Hearing Instrument Specialist
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Hearing Loss Solutions

Rhodes Hearing first began when Halford Rhodes, started caring for the hearing impaired in 1953. During the next several decades Halford fit hearing aids from his home office at the corner of 9th and Madison, in Paducah, KY. Today Rhodes Hearing serves the populations of southern Illinois and western Kentucky from three locations. We offer full hearing care services including:

Hearing evaluations

We offer complimentary hearing evaluations everyday. Your evaluation may include: exploring family history, previous medical infirmities, previous and current medication, noise exposure, previous hearing instrument experience, previous ear surgeries and infirmities, hearing lifestyle profile, otoscopy, video otoscopy, pure tone audiometry, speech audiometry, loudness discomfort levels, most comfortable loudness levels, bone conduction audiometry. 45 Day Trial $35 deposit

Each hearing impaired individual has a different experience with amplification, therefore we want to make sure you have time to fully adjust and benefit from your new hearing instruments. That is why for over half a century the Rhodes family has offered a 45 day trial on all new hearing instruments. We only require a $35 deposit, to see how much hearing instruments will improve your quality of life.

Hearing Loss Simulation

In order to help family members and friends better understand what their loved one experiences we can simulate the patients hearing loss. You will be surprised how much your loved one struggles to understand conversation.

In-house repair

Many hearing instruments may be repairable in-house. If we are able to fix your hearing aid in the office we won't charge you a dime! Some problems that may be repairable in house include: dislodged receiver, internal feedback (whistling), external feedback (whistling), compromised venting, battery contacts, cracked/damaged shell, dislodged mic, impacted mic or receiver, and broken battery door hinge.

Expert Answers


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Just got new hearing aids today. How many hours a day should I wear them to begin with?

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I have a Phonak cross-over pair--one ear is deaf and the aid in that ear transmits over to the go...

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