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Carli Van Harken

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Zeeland

Hearing Instrument Specialist
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International Hearing Society

About Carli

Hearing loss presents a challenging obstacle for both our patients and their families. We provide education and support to assure our patients receive the best care and maximum benefit.

Hearing loss often leads to a feeling of isolation for patients and frustration for their families. We are here to offer hearing solutions that help our patients and their families reconnect. Through the use of my technical skills and counseling we have the opportunity to provide both care and support to patients and families.

We witness and are touched every day by the benefits of taking that first step toward better hearing. Whether it is in the smile of a child who hears a sound for the first time, or the tears of a woman who can hear and be more a part of church and family gatherings, we are privileged to play a role in the lives of our patients and their families.

There are very few professions, which allow a person the opportunity to touch and improve lives. We feel blessed to have found such a profession and to be able to share in it with such dedicated and caring colleagues.

We look forward to helping you rediscover the sounds of your life.

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