Carly Jean Girard, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Libertyville

Carly Jean Girard, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Libertyville

Doctor of Audiology - Indiana University
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About Carly

Dr. Girard specializes in the diagnosis and management of hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders. She enjoys the challenge of helping people hear their best by empowering her patients through Sound Advice Classes or finding the right hearing device for each patient’s needs.

Dr. Girard received her professional doctorate in Audiology from Indiana University. Her education also includes certificates in American Sign Language/Deaf Studies and Clinical Competency in Audiology. She has served on the board of directors of the Illinois Academy of Audiology and is a member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and the American Academy of Audiology. Dr. Girard regularly shares her knowledge at national professional conferences and educational seminars.

An Illinois native, Dr. Girard resides in the northwest suburbs with her husband Joe and their two sons, Colton and Bauer.

Expert Answers


I have had ringing in my right ear for about 2 weeks. My ear feels plugged up with partial hearin...

Get in to see an audiologist for a hearing test immediately!  The audiologist will complete a diagnostic hearing evaluation to determine the type of hearing loss.  Sometimes... Read more


How do I know if rechargeable hearing aids are right for me? Which patients do you recommend rech...

In my opinion, the use of rechargeable hearing aids is a personal preference.  Some patients prefer the convenience of not needing to change batteries while others prefer to... Read more


Is it possible to recommend the right hearing aid based on the hearing test (audiogram) alone?

This is a great question.  No, you cannot accurately prescribe or recommend the correct hearing aid for a patient without a physical examination and patient... Read more

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