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Carol Letzter , AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Howard Beach

Doctor of Audiology - Salus University
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About Carol

Dr. Carol Letzter has been in private practice for more than 25 years serving Long Island and Queens. She is dually certified as an audiologist and speech pathologist. Dr. Letzter is a strong advocate for individuals with hearing loss and communication disorders. She is an advocate for the installation of hearing loops throughout America and has her own induction loop system company Acoustic Loop Innovations. Every installed loop is personally commissioned by Dr. Letzter to ensure the loop meets the IEC 60118-4 Standard. She is a strong advocate that every hearing aid is dispensed with a t coil so individuals with hearing loss will have the opportunity to enjoy all venues that are induction looped equipped. Dr. Letzter's motto is " Better hearing is only a t coil away "

Expert Answers

Carol for website

Are some telecoils better than others? The telecoil mode on my new Starkey Muse hearing aids isn'...

The telecoil works best in a looped environment when it's in the vertical position.   That's very important as head position can change the performance of the telecoil.   Next... Read more

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