Cathy Kurth, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Scottsdale
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Cathy Kurth, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Scottsdale

Doctor of Audiology
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About Cathy

According to Dr. Cathy Kurth, owner of Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, hearing loss is one of the most invisible and misunderstood disabilities and can drastically diminish quality of life. Cathy’s driven to provide the best hearing solutions for her patients so they can feel connected to the world around them.
To decrease the barriers to quality hearing health and raise awareness for the importance of regular check-ups for those 50 and over, Audiology and Hearing Aid Center recently launched “Mission 1,000”, an effort to provide 1,000 free hearing screenings this year.

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Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, LLC
9777 N. 91st Street
Suite #101
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
United States of America

Services Provided

Adult Hearing Evaluations

Veterans Hearing Evaluations

Free Hearing Screenings

Adult Hearing Aid Fittings

Earwax Removal

Otoacoustic Emission Evaluations

Dizziness and Balance Evaluations

Positional Dizziness Treatment

Tinnitus Assessments

Musician's Earplugs

Musician's In-Ear-Monitors