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Charles Darby PhD, MA, BC-HIS, BC-HIS

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Little Rock

Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences - University of Memphis
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Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences International Hearing Society

About Charles

At Chenal Hearing we individualize treatment to bring you the very best in hearing healthcare.  Like you, we also experience hearing loss and use our own products to restore sounds that life has taken away.  We would love to discuss your specific situation and find an answer to address your individual need.  Give us a call ... See how Chenal Hearing can improve your life.

Chenal Hearing in Little Rock is conveniently located on Kanis Road just south of Chenal Parkway.   ​We offer a wide range of services relating to hearing health. We offer the latest in digital technologies from multiple manufacturers and employ the latest in testing equipment and procedures.  Our facility includes ample parking, handicap spaces, and wheelchair ramps.

Browse our website to find out how you too can regain understanding and the sounds of life that you once enjoyed.Learn more about our specialized approach and the benefits of turning to us for your hearing needs.  We're happy to serve the Little Rock and Central Arkansas area.

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Expert Answers


Is financial assistance available to cover the cost of hearing aids? Asking for my mother, who is...

There are a few organizations that offer "needs based" programs.  If she has no ability to pay, she can make application to Starkey's Hearing Foundation or in some communities,... Read more


Which hearing aids have the best directional microphones?

You've asked a difficult question that has no easy answer.  All manufacturers of hearing aids are offing directional mics and they all seem to do a very good job with voice... Read more


If removing earwax does not improve my hearing, what is the next step?

Earwax (Cerumen) itself does not cause hearing loss. An abundance of earwax, to the point of blockage, can indeed reduce the amount of sound that reaches the eardrum. If... Read more


How do I remove earwax?

There are many methods for earwax (Cerumen) removal as well as many misconceptions.  I hear stories routinely of severe pain or damage caused by using "home remedies" to remove... Read more


What hearing aids are easiest to use for an elderly person?

Each and every person is different when assessing the perfect hearing aid fitting.  In general, when working with elderly patients, I've found that dexterity issues are a... Read more


Why is it difficult to understand words with hearing aids?

Amplifying sounds with hearing aids are only one part of the equation. Many patients also struggle with speech discrimination. They may hear the sounds correctly but have lost... Read more


Is Starkey going to go out of business? My doctor recommended Starkey aids to me, but I'm worried...

The fraud case is brought by Starkey against former employees of the company who are charged with stealing $20 Million from the company.  After meeting Mr. Austin (Starkey's... Read more


What is the expected battery life for a hearing aid with moderate wireless iPhone use?

Based on your question, I'm assuming you are using some type of audio streamer with your aids or using one of the newer Bluetooth direct aids.  More info is needed to properly... Read more


Do hearing aids work normally when the battery is low?

Today's digital technology and current battery manufacturing processes allow virtually exact power from beginning to end. The aids will perform equally from "hot' battery to... Read more


Is there any effective tinnitus treatment or supplement to alleviate or cure tinnitus?

I have patients ask for a magic tinnitus pill almost daily.  I truly wish there was such a treatment. However, there is no known supplement that has shown effective for this... Read more


My provider only carries one brand of hearing aids. Is it important to have several brands to cho...

All major manufacturers in today's market make very good, high quality products. However, some have technologically more advanced units than others. My clinic carries a number... Read more


What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

There are many indications of hearing loss that are typically ignored or just not accepted by the person with the loss.  Many times it's the family that brings attention to the... Read more


Are there hearing aids that can connect to Bluetooth devices using the standard Bluetooth protoco...

There are hearing aids that use Bluetooth streaming direct to the iPhone. The most well known are the Starkey Halo and the Resound LiNX. To my knowledge there are no aids that... Read more


I have mild to moderate hearing loss and tinnitus, and want a rechargeable hearing aid. What woul...

Although there are several manufacturers now producing both rechargeable aids and tinnitus maskers in a single unit, I have to recommend a unit that has both tinnitus maskers... Read more


What is the best Personal Sound Amplification Device?

I see people almost every day in my office that make statements regarding their attempt to use hearing aids that "just didn't work". Upon questioning, I usually find they've... Read more


How long do rechargeable hearing aid batteries last? Do they need to be replaced frequently?

I've been using rechargeable batteries for several years for patients with dexterity issues.  For the most part this has been very successful.  I've found that in most cases... Read more


Why are in-the-ear hearing aids skin colored? It makes them look like a phone from 20 years ago.

Skin colored custom aids are to camouflage the unit as best possible.  Today's technology allows for much smaller custom aids where visibility is far more limited. The smallest... Read more


What are the risks of buying hearing aids online?

Current control of dispensing hearing aids falls under the authority of the FDA. Online sales of this type of device is prohibited. Most manufacturers of hearing aids will not... Read more


What are the options for dealing with hyperacusis and hearing loss?

Excellent question!  Hyperacusis is certainly an issue when trying to get hearing aids to perform at peak efficiency.  I've been relatively successful with patients that... Read more


How important is having my hearing aids fit in person versus buying over the internet?

In today's world of instant gratification and online shopping, the purchase of hearing instruments may seem like an efficient means to improve hearing loss at a reduced cost.... Read more


I have a severe to profound loss in both ears. I've always worn the full shell ITE aids. I like...

My preference for most every patient is a BTE w/ a receiver in the canal. However, some patients that have used an ITE previously experience a difference in sound they do not... Read more


What is the best hearing aid for a reverse slope cookie bite loss?

Interesting question!  Reverse slope and cookie bite loss are typically looked at differently as they are not the same thing.  Perhaps you mean reverse slope in one ear and... Read more


Are TruHearing Flyte hearing aids as good as normal hearing aids? Do I lose anything by going wit...

I'm actually quite impressed with the Flyte units.  After fitting several of these, my patients have raved about the sound quality and great price.  They are manufactured by a... Read more


Are Siemens hearing aids still available for purchase and is product support available?

Yes, Siemens aids are available. They are co-branded under the Signia name. In fact, the products now have Siemens logo on one side and Signia on the other. 


Do Made For iPhone hearing aids stream audio directly from Apple TV? If not, what's the best way ...

Hearing aids can not connect directly to the Apple TV but from the audio source, usually the TV itself. There are 2 ways to accomplish this depending on the aid manufacturer... Read more


Why doesn't medicare cover hearing aids?

Excellent question and one that should be asked of your legislators.  We can only assume that when the Medicare program was established, hearing was way down on the list of... Read more


Is it possible to recommend the right hearing aid based on the hearing test (audiogram) alone?

I will make the assumption you are referring to the standard hearing screening results ... a graph showing the levels of how each ear responds to various sound intensities. ... Read more


Are online hearing tests accurate? I am thinking about buying online and not sure whether I can t...

Absolutely NOT!!!  At best, an online test can only check hearing for air tones and even then is subject to question.  A quality test must be done in conditions conducive to... Read more


Where can I find affordable hearing aids? I am on a budget of only $1500 for 2, and would like to...

There are several ways to meet your budget.  However, you must understand that limited budget may force you into less desirable results.  I am not saying you can't find aids... Read more

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