Charles M Teleha - Hearing Instrument Specialist since 1987 in Youngstown
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Charles M Teleha

Hearing Instrument Specialist since 1987 in Youngstown

Hearing Instrument Specialist - Ohio University
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About Charles M

Boardman Ohio Sams Club Hearing Aid Expert

Charles M Teleha  Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist since 1987

Chuck Teleha has fit thousands of hearing aids over his career as a Hearing Aid Specialist. His expertise is specifically in late onset nerve deafness (sensorineural hearing loss) in patients of all ages over the age of 19.  Chuck is fully trained in the care and programming of all facets of hearing aids from most of the world’s leading manufacturers. Chuck is a 1977 graduate of Ohio University. He has been serving the hearing impaired since becoming State Licensed in 1987, and is very dedicated to his career of helping those with hearing loss.

Chuck believes that no one should be deprived of being able to communicate with family and friends, and he will make sure you will hear better if you need to when you come to see him. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

No one anywhere does it better than Chuck.

    At Sam’s Clubs Nationwide:

We provide premium Liberty hearing aids which utilize the most advanced technology available today, with exclusive noise avoidance features.

In fact, Sams Club has the only hearing aids that use the same technology as cochlear implants.

Members pay far less for their hearing aids than they would at other hearing aid centers.

Free hearing tests for members and their families.

90-trial period with 100% money back guarantee.

So stop by or call the Hearing Aid Center located near check-out and ask Chuck for your free hearing test. You can get the test done right away or make an appointment.

We Help People Hear Better every day!

Call the Boardman Sams Club Hearing Aid Center    330-599-7017

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