Chris Hoffmann, AuD - Audiologist in Irvine
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Chris Hoffmann, AuD

Audiologist in Irvine

Doctor of Audiology - University of Florida
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About Chris

Choosing Hoffmann Audiology means you benefit from an experienced, compassionate, and independent audiologist dedicated to helping you with all aspect of your hearing, from conservation to rehabilitation.  Being part of an independent clinic, I work with all major hearing aid manufacturers in order to provide the best solutions for you.  I am committed to exceptional individualized patient care and transparency in hearing aid pricing so that great hearing is affordable and attainable. 

Expert Answers

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My hearing aids are apparently "obsolete". Are there any aftermarket hearing aid repair shops?

It sounds to me that you do not feel that your hearing aids are "obsolete" and are seeking service for them that your current provider is not able to provide. If that is the... Read more

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What are the best ear plugs for comfort and noise protection?

The fit of the sound protector is key to providing both comfort and protection. Those that are custom fitted for your ears are likely to provide more comfort and protection... Read more

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Are hearing aids safe to wear while hunting?

Only if you are bow hunting.  Otherwise, hearing protectors are recommended during firearm use.  Shooters earmuffs or custom fitted electronic shooting earplugs are options if... Read more

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When I buy premium-priced hearing aids, am I getting better hardware or is it only the software f...

From my understanding, you are generally paying for a more advanced chip with more sound processing power.  Therefore, you are paying for better hardware.  In most cases, you... Read more

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