Christine Pickup, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Rupert
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Christine Pickup, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Rupert

Doctor of Audiology - A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
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About Christine

Dr. Christine Pickup is an ASHA certified Doctor of Audiology.  She was educated at BYU (undergraduate and masters degree) and received her doctorate from A.T. Still University.  She has worked in the field of audiology since 2000, in both private practice and in an educational setting.  She opened her own private practice in Rupert, ID in April 2014.   She is the only pediatric audiologist in the Mini-Cassia area, and takes care of the hearing health of all ages.  She is a wife and mother to four children.  When she's not running her clinic, she is usually in the kitchen cooking up something yummy, catching up on a book, or playing with fabric.  She and her husband Westy built their home in 2012, and spend any free time working to put in the yard or finish another room in the basement.

Expert Answers

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What's the difference between an audiologist and a hearing instrument specialist?

There have been some excellent answers already.  I would encourage you to learn about your state's licensure laws.  For hearing instrument specialiats, some states require... Read more

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What does a seven-tone tune coming from one of my Oticon Alta 2 hearing aids mean?

Most Oticon products play a short tune as the circuit "boots up".  This tune will be heard shortly after the battery door closes, unless it has been disabled by your hearing... Read more

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Is nerve damage to the ear due to loud noise reversible?

There are many areas of the inner ear that can be damaged by loud noise, and unfortunately, most of that damage is not reversible.  This is why hearing conservation programs,... Read more

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Is there any effective tinnitus treatment or supplement to alleviate or cure tinnitus?

I have not found any over the counter supplement that helped tinnitus.  There are many factors that cause tinnitus, this includes noise damage, certain types of medication... Read more

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Are there hearing aids that can connect to Bluetooth devices using the standard Bluetooth protoco...

The latest Made for iPhone hearing instruments do not need an a relay device to interface with other technology such as an iPhone or iPad.  There are several... Read more

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What are the best hearing aids for musicians?

The two hearing aids which have the widest bandwidth & dynamic range (and consequently the least distortion) currently available on the market are the Widex Beyond 440 and... Read more

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What is the best brand of hearing aid battery?

The biggest factor I have found in battery life with zinc-air batteries is time exposed to air before use.  After the sticker is removed, let the battery sit about 5 minutes to... Read more

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Will Oticon release a microphone like the Resound multimic for the Oticon Opn?

Oticon has had a Bluetooth clip and microphone combination under development for quite a while.  The first generation only provided connectivity for Bluetooth devices that... Read more

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Can I purchase an extended warranty for my hearing aids (beyond my 3 year warranty)? Is it worth it?

Hello!  Yes, you are able to extend your warranty.  Talk to your hearing care provider for specific costs.  Most manufacturers will gladly extend your warranty for another year... Read more

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Can hearing aids cause further hearing loss?

Yes, hearing aids can cause further loss, if they are not set properly.  This is also the case if someone tries to wear a hearing aid set for someone else.  It is imperative... Read more

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How do I find an audiologist who is good at programming hearing aids for reverse slope hearing lo...

The best way to find out is to ask.  Audiology is a diverse field, and some professionals may or may not have encountered patients with reverse slope losses.  Do a search for... Read more

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What are real ear measurements? Is it worth spending an extra $1000 for?

I would suggest asking what is included with the price you were quoted.  In my experience, real ear measures make all the difference in accurate fit and patient satisfaction.... Read more

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Is there a sound receiver for my deaf ear that can send sound to my hearing ear?

When there is single sided deafness, there are several options available, including a CROS (contralateral routing of signal) hearing devices/BI-CROS, or bone anchored hearing... Read more

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Is there any reason to buy ReSound over Beltone?

ReSound and Beltone are both made by the same parent company, and the technology is essentially identical.  The main reason to consider ReSound over Beltone is that the... Read more


Communication Strategies For Christmas

Dr. Christine Pickup discusses important tips for better communication with family members who have hearing loss.

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