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Christopher S. Frink, AuD

Audiologist in Salem

Doctor of Audiology - Portland State University
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About Christopher S.

Scot Frink grew up in the field of audiology, his father having started Salem Audiology Clinic in 1981, one of the first private practice audiology clinics in the United States. Scot obtained his degree in audiology in 2004, but had been involved hearing aid repair since 1990 and dispensing hearing aids since 1995. He previously worked as regional trainer for Phonak Hearing systems from 1999 – 2001 in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska, before returning to private practice in 2002. He has presented numerous seminars on technology and practice development for state associations in his region, and currently owns his own practice in Salem, Oregon. He is passionate about assisting the hearing impaired, serving on the Oregon State Hearing Aid Licensing Board since 2002, with a strong focus on consumer rights. When not at Salem Audiology Clinic, he spends time with his family at home. Yes, his children all have red hair.  He is currently working on his doctorate through AT Still Univeristy.

Expert Answers

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Which in-the-ear hearing aids are best for moderate-to-profound hearing loss? I'm a 45 year-old l...

And here is yet another answer for your consideration!  All of the previous answers provide great information, but the primary considerations based on your question would be... Read more

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What's the difference between an audiologist and a hearing instrument specialist?

The primary differences between an audiologist and a hearing instrument specialist (or "dispensers") is their level of training and scope of practice.  Audiologists have either... Read more

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Are the new Oticon Opn hearing aids really that much better in background noise? I am considering...

I have a different take on this compared to the previous two answers (but still gave them "Thumbs Up" votes for their good answers!). To me, it depends on how long you've... Read more

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What can cause a hearing aid, such as the Phonak Virto v90, to raise and lower volume randomly wh...

Most new hearing aid technology now features automatic analysis of your listening environment to react to background noise and take measures when this occurs in order to... Read more

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Over the past week, I have been experiencing imbalance when I walk. It’s worse when I bend over. ...

As Kristi indicated, a full audiological evaluation is warranted.  Your primary care physician should be notified and you should request a referral to see an audiologist who... Read more

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I have a 60% hearing loss in my left ear and no hearing in my right ear. What kind of hearing ai...

I'm late to this answer (as usual), so will have to compensate with a lot of detail.  :)Short answer first:  As everyone else has indicated, use of a BiCROS system would likely... Read more

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What types of hearing aids does the VA offer?

To add to what Kathryn said, the VA only fits top-level technology.  This is primarily because they fit 20% of the hearing aids in the United States--10% of the hearing aids in... Read more

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Who fits hearing aids?

There are two difference professionals who are qualified to fit hearing aids:  audiologists and hearing instrument specialists.  They have overlapping scopes of practice, but... Read more

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How long do the batteries last in the Halo 2 hearing aids?

My experience with the battery life for Halo2 hearing aids is that they last about 7-10 days, based on full-time use (12+hours per day).  This can be affected by the amount of... Read more

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Is there a product I can purchase to reduce the chance of losing my hearing aids? I lead a very a...

The ReSound Linx instruments have a feature in them that won't prevent you from losing your hearing aids, but do have a feature to help you find them if they do become lost.... Read more

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Which hearing aids have the best directional microphones?

Timothy provides a good answer which I agree with, in that all manufacturers are typically using the same microphones, supplied by Knowles Electronics.  It's what the... Read more

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Are there any differences between the Resound hearing aids sold at Costco and other Resound heari...

The ReSound Cala is essentially the same as the ReSound Linx2-9 product, with the exception of the absence of the tinnitus management feature.  Costco generally gets its... Read more

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I am looking to get hearing aids for my grandmother, but I was wondering, are there any traveling...

There is a demand for home-based services and with good reason, as many who need hearing healthcare aren't ambulatory enough to travel to an audiologisst or dispenser's office.... Read more

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Is Phonak's Sound Recover 2 much better than the original Sound Recover? I am considering upgradi...

Our clinic is actually conducting a longitudinal study on this to verify the improvement of SoundRecover2 over SoundRecover, and so far it is very promising, so the short... Read more

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Is it possible to upgrade my current hearing aid without purchasing a new device? I wear Phonak.

Currently, the only company offering technology that can be upgraded is Unitron, a sister company to Phonak (both are owned by Sonova) which has technology that parallels them... Read more

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Do hearing aids work normally when the battery is low?

Hearing aids for many years, since the advent of Zinc Air batteries inthe 1980s, have been designed to maximize performance for as long as possible before "dying."  The reason... Read more

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Is there an in-the-ear hearing aid available for high frequency profound hearing loss?

As Dr. Rachel Faivre indicated, above, the likely best solution if you have a profound high frequency hearing loss is the use of a product with "Frequency Lowering" technology,... Read more

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Which company makes the best rechargeable hearing aids?

There are several companies now producing hearing aids with rechargeable batteries, and each has their strengths and weaknesses.  Of the "Big 6" manufacturers, Signia (formerly... Read more

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What are the best hearing aids for musicians?

As others have indicated here, having instruments with the widest dynamic range is important, particularly in the input limit of the microphones.  Hearing aid microphones have... Read more

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What analog hearing aids are currently available? I have severe hearing loss and digital aids are...

Unfortunately, there aren't really any analog hearing aids available from major, reliable manufacturers.  I've had a few patients with similar situations to that presented... Read more

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I have a Phonak cross-over pair--one ear is deaf and the aid in that ear transmits over to the go...

The CROS is available for the Audeo and Bolero B, but not for the B-R rechargeable versions.  The reason is because the additional battery drain required for the CROS... Read more

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I have single-sided deafness. What are the differences between the Widex CROS, Phonak CROS, and S...

I have quite a bit of experience with CROS technology and single-sided deafness, having conducted four separate studies and individual assessments of unique products when... Read more

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What are the options for dealing with hyperacusis and hearing loss?

As previously indicated hyperacusis is a very delicate situation.  Even the standard test procedures need to be modified to accommodate possible discomfort felt by the patient.... Read more

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Do hearing aids really block out background noise?

It depends on perspective.  Hearing aids do not truly block background noise, but can limit what the hearing aids amplify.  The primary complaint of hearing aid users about... Read more

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Is the Phonak Audeo B Direct Made For iPhone?

Yes, it's made for iPhone (M4iP)--and any phone that has Bluetooth capability, including Android and even old flip-phones!  So it's actually "made for any phone" (M4AP).What's... Read more

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Is it legal for an audiologist to force me to pay to access a copy of my audiogram and other reco...

It depends on the state.  Some states have provisions which allow a medical professional to charge for copies of medical records.  They cannot deny the patient access to these... Read more

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What are real ear measurements? Is it worth spending an extra $1000 for?

Real Ear Measurements ("REMs") are absolutely worth the additional cost.  Being fit with hearing aids without them is similar to obtaining prescription medication without a... Read more

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Can the radiation from wireless hearing aids cause brain damage?

There is no current evidence supporting the belief that wireless hearing aids can cause brain damage.  This idea may come from a similar myth about cell phones.Many years ago... Read more

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My hearing aids are apparently "obsolete". Are there any aftermarket hearing aid repair shops?

Actually, yes there are.  Hearing aids, with proper care, can last 5-10 years.  Now when I say that, it's not that they are "obsolete" after 5-10 years, but that's just about... Read more

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When I buy premium-priced hearing aids, am I getting better hardware or is it only the software f...

Generally there's very little difference in the hardware between technology levels; any entry-level product is just as sturdy as a top-tier model if they come from the same... Read more

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Is it possible to recommend the right hearing aid based on the hearing test (audiogram) alone?

Absolutely not.  This is akin to saying "I have a driver's license, so all cars are alike and I'll be just as happy with one as another."Hearing aids vary significant in... Read more

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Which works best for iPhone users, Phonak Marvel or Made For iPhone hearing aids like Oticon Opn?

Both the Oticon OPN and the Phonak Marvel product lines work very well for iPhone users.  The primary advantage the Marvel product has over the OPN product is that if you don't... Read more

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