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Dana Day, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Phoenix

Doctor of Audiology - A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
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About Dana

Dana Day, Au.D. is the owner and founder of Arizona Balance & Hearing Aids and has been practicing in the Phoenix area since 1985. Dana received her doctorate degree from A.T. Still University, Arizona School For Health Sciences. She is licensed in the State of Arizona and fully accredited with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Expert Answers

Arizona balance hearing audiologist dr. dana day1

Which in-the-ear hearing aids are best for moderate-to-profound hearing loss? I'm a 45 year-old l...

All custom hearing aids from the new Siemens Primax line (IIC, CIC, ITC, and ITE) are well within the fitting range for this your hearing loss. If you are interested in smart... Read more

Arizona balance hearing audiologist dr. dana day1

My mother uses hearing aids that are 14 years old. She is having difficulty hearing, but is cover...

Unfortunately as you have found out Medicare does not pay for hearing aids, however there are options.  Your mother could sign up for Care Credit, which will allow her to... Read more

Arizona balance hearing audiologist dr. dana day1

Over the past week, I have been experiencing imbalance when I walk. It’s worse when I bend over. ...

First and foremost you need to be safe and avoid falls.  Until you are able to see your physician make sure you are wearing shoes with solid soles to provide support.  When... Read more

Arizona balance hearing audiologist dr. dana day1

I have a 60% hearing loss in my left ear and no hearing in my right ear. What kind of hearing ai...

I would agree with Dr. Gosu if your speech discrimination is poor in the left ear.  You mentioned a 60% hearing loss, but not what your speech scores were at the time of... Read more

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