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David Keenan

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Mishawaka

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About David

Working for other Hearing Aid Providers, I found it frustrating that more than half of the people I tested, who needed hearing aids, couldn't afford them. We started the Affordable Hearing Stores as a way to deliver the same top quality hearing aids and excellent local service, but at a price everyone could afford.
Licensed in both Indiana and Michigan, we continue to add locations in response to the demand for hearing aids "priced the way they should be".
I'm a Board Member of the Indiana Hearing Aid Alliance and a Member of the International Hearing Society. 

Expert Answers

Ahc 46

I am looking for a BiCros hearing aid. Currently on trial with Audibel A4i Platinum and trying ...

Signia/Siemens has an excellent BiCros option that works at several technology levels. 

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Free Hearing Screenings

Adult Hearing Aid Fittings

Musician's Earplugs

Home-Based Care

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In-Home Wireless Device Setup

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