Denny Dinler, BC-HIS

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Inverness

Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences - University of Florida
  • Service Quality Badge
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  • Excellence Award
American Conference of Audioprosthology National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences International Hearing Society

About Denny

Born with a hearing loss, I have worn hearing aids since I was 13 years old. I face the same daily challenges as do our patients, and can well understand problems faced due to hearing loss.

I run my own practice, and work with a variety of products, depending n what will best suit the eeds of my patient. I stay abreast of the latest to better help not only my patients, but myself as well.

I am a nationally recognized teacher in the hearing healtcare field, and the co-author of an industry textbook as well. I have previously served on the Florida Board of Hearing Aid Specialist, as well as on the International Institute of Hearing Instrument Sciences, the educational arm of the International Hearing Society.

If you are looking for a compasionate, patient Audioprosthologist to walk the hearing journey with you, call my office today at 352-726-4327 for a free initial consult. We will use this time to determine what you are looking for in improving your communicative abilities, and how we may best serve you.  

Expert Answers


Is the Oticon Opn hearing aid available with a telecoil option?

The Oticon Opn is not currently available with a telecoil option, but the great news is that a telecoil option should be available by June 2017! Good things come to those who... Read more

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