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Elise Gregoire, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Berkeley

Doctor of Audiology - Vanderbilt University
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About Elise

Dr. Gregoire comes to you from a background in research aimed at patient satisfaction through the use of advanced hearing device technology. She’s a strong advocate for patient happiness and personalized care to maximize the benefit of hearing devices. She’s a die-hard believer that all should have the opportunity to hear their lives; the people in them and the sounds around them. When outside the office, and sometimes within the office, she’s a serious jokester and enjoys any opportunity to laugh at herself. She trains with a wonderful athletic coach who is working with her to reach her personal running and triathlon goals.

Expert Answers

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Are any hearing aid companies offering cyber monday deals?

I would say it's relatively unusual for clinics to offer deals and the manufacturer of the devices cannot directly offer any deals as the devices cannot be legally sold online.... Read more

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Adult Hearing Evaluations

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