Evan Bernstein, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in New York
Evan bernstein

Evan Bernstein, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in New York

Doctor of Audiology - A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
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About Evan

Advanced Care Audiology is a state of the art, full service, hearing health care provider committed to offering top of the line audiological services to our patients. 

Dr. Evan Bernstein is a N.Y. State License Audiologist and Hearing Aid Dispenser. Evan was born and raised on Staten Island. He has worked in various different settings such as hospitals and private practices which contributes to his vast knowledge of the field of Audiology. He is on staff as an audiologist at one of  the top Ear Nose & Throat Practices in New York City.

Expert Answers

Evan bernstein

How long do the batteries last in the Halo 2 hearing aids?

The manufacture says that the battery should last close to 14 days if you are not streaming or using the bluetooth. If you are streaming and using bluetooth, they say should be... Read more

Evan bernstein

What types of hearing aids does the VA offer?

Depending on the location, they can offer pretty much any of the major manufactures.

Evan bernstein

How do I remove earwax?

First, DON'T USE Q TIPS!!! I can not stress that enough. You can try peroxide or mineral oil in the ear. If that doesn't work, you can either try your Primary Doctor, ENT, or a... Read more

Evan bernstein

Are there hearing aids that can connect to Bluetooth devices using the standard Bluetooth protoco...

Currently, there are hearing aids that directely connect to iPhones and Android phones. Here is a link from Apple of all the brands and models that are compatible with the... Read more

Evan bernstein

How do I pair the Starkey Halo 2 i2400 with the iPhone 7? I am having trouble.

1.Click on Settings2.Click on General3. Click on Accessibility4.Click on Hearing Aids5. Under devices move the little ball over so it can find the hearing aids.6. Once Aids are... Read more

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