Harry Hilderman , BSc - Hearing Healthcare Provider in Topeka
Edna 107th

Harry Hilderman , BSc

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Topeka

Bachelor of Science in Audiology - University of Kansas
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Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences Kansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association

About Harry

I have 35 years experience helping patients hear better. I followed in my fathers footsteps who started our family practice in 1946. Professional Hearing Aid Associates is located in Topeka, Kansas. Give us a call today (785) 271 6966

Expert Answers

Edna 107th

Will Donald Trump help bring down the cost of hearing aids?

At the current time, we can not tell what legislation President Trump will introduce. Only time will tell.

Edna 107th

Which company makes the best rechargeable hearing aids?

In my opinion Phonak, but there are several companies who recently released rechargeable units. 

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