Heather jackson

Heather Jackson

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Little Rock

Hearing Instrument Specialist - Army Airborne School, Fort Benning
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About Heather

Heather has been in the hearing aid industry for over 6 years practicing in Tennessee, California, and Arkansas in her home town of Little Rock. Heather also has over 10 years of experience as an audio engineer, which is where she fell in love with sound. Now she has taken her passion and uses it towards helping others hear the sounds they love once more. Heather works hard to help her patients achieve what she calls the truly perfect sounds. Whether it’s understanding a grandchild, tuning into to a favorite tune, or being fully engaged at the family meal, Heather wants her patients to hear and enjoy it all. In her spare time, Heather enjoys playing music and gardening with her two-year old son.

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