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About Janette

Janette Call has been in the hearing industry since 1998.  She enjoys helping every patient work towards better hearing.  "Seeing the smiles and joy my patient experience with better hearing is my passion" states Call. 

In her spare time, Janette enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and crafts.

Expert Answers


What can cause a hearing aid, such as the Phonak Virto v90, to raise and lower volume randomly wh...

Phonak Virto V90 hearing instruments are automatic hearing aids.  If you are not using a TV accessory to link with your hearing aids then it is possible that they are changing... Read more


I get a lot of moisture in my ears from my hearing aids and I get a bad smell and have to use ear...

If you have moisture or drainage from your ears I would recommend seeing your doctor or an ENT.  When you have an odor coming from the ear it could be the sign of an infection.


What's the difference between the Phonak Brio and the Brio 2?

Phonak Brio is either not sold in the United States or is an old model of Phonak hearing instruments.  There is no model currently available in the Phonak line by this name.

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