Jasmine Burrington, AuD - Clinical Doctor of Audiology in San Marcos
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Jasmine Burrington, AuD

Clinical Doctor of Audiology in San Marcos

Doctor of Audiology - University of Washington
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Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology American Speech and Hearing Association

About Jasmine

I am an audiologist with a personal interest in hearing loss and communication. I've grown up with a hearing loss in both ears. I have worn hearing aids since I was 6 years of age. At Texas Hearing Clinic, my goal is to help my patients feel more confident about their ability to communicate with their family and friends. I want to reconnect them with their world.

Expert Answers

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Can hearing aids cause further hearing loss?

If inappropriately programmed, hearing aids may be over-amplifying and causing hearing damage. This is why it is important to see a professional to program the hearing devices,... Read more

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Does healthcare insurance ever cover the cost of hearing aid accessories like TV streamers, etc?

Most healthcare insurance will not cover the cost of hearing device accessories. However, you can always ask your insurance provider the details regarding your hearing aid... Read more

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My audiologist recommended AGX hearing aids, but when I look at all the information on the intern...

AGX hearing devices are privately labeled by a nationwide "buying group" named Audigy Group, and they are the same technology that is presently the Oticon, Starkey, Resound,... Read more

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Are there any surgeries that can fix my hearing loss? The doctor says it's 'age related' ...

Without looking at your audiogram, I suspect your hearing loss is not medically treatable at this time. When a hearing loss is age related, this means it is due to damage to... Read more

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Why don't audiologists give me a speech test in the soundroom to compare how I do with and withou...

At our clinic, we use Quick Speech in Noise testing with and without hearing aids to simulate a real-world situation most individuals with hearing loss struggle with. This can... Read more

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