Jeff Clark, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Tampa
Audiologist jeff clark

Jeff Clark, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Tampa

Doctor of Audiology - University of Florida
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About Jeff

Bachelor of science Penn State Master of science Penn State Doctor of Audiology University of Florida Certified in fitting all major manufacturers hearing aids, Neuromonics, Soundbite, Lyric, cross and bicross hearing aids. Also specializing in vestibular assessment and tinnitus. 2 locations in Tampa and Sun City Center.

Expert Answers

Audiologist jeff clark

Are LiNX2 ITE hearing aids more susceptible to moisture than Phonak Virto hearing aids?

Unfortunately custom hearing aids do not have an I.P. rating to objectively judge the moisture resistance (behind the ear instruments do have this rating for comparison).... Read more

Audiologist jeff clark

Which in-the-ear hearing aids are best for moderate-to-profound hearing loss? I'm a 45 year-old l...

There's just too many factors involved to give you a single product answer.  Best advice I could give you is to find an audiologist that you trust and one that carries several... Read more

Audiologist jeff clark

What can cause a hearing aid, such as the Phonak Virto v90, to raise and lower volume randomly wh...

Two things come to my mind.1.  If it happens when the air handler on an air conditioner or fan turns on,  I'd be thinking about the noise management parameters on the hearing... Read more

Audiologist jeff clark

Is it true that some hearing aids are locked? I am considering purchasing hearing aids at Costco,...

Yes.  That is absolutely true.  I've been locked out of over 200 devices that I could have supported but the franchises lock up the software to drive the patients back to the... Read more

Audiologist jeff clark

Does Oticon Opn allow me to stream calls directly from an iPhone like the Linx or Halo aid?


Audiologist jeff clark

I am looking to get hearing aids for my grandmother, but I was wondering, are there any traveling...

That is a possibility and depending where you live, a probability.  I do this for patients in hospice, hospitals or immobile.  I've found that testing with insert earphones in... Read more

Audiologist jeff clark

How much do hearing aids cost?

They can range in price from $300 to $7000.

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