Jonathan walton

Jonathan Walton, BA

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Alexandria

Bachelor of Audiology - Louisiana Tech University
  • Service Quality Badge
  • Verified Provider Badge
  • Excellence Award
National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences

About Jonathan

My name is Jonathan Walton and I am your licensed audiologist in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. I have been practicing in the field of Audiology since 2002. In 1996, I failed a hearing screening and had to take an extended test at Louisiana Tech University. I found the testing and explanations of my hearing loss fascinating and have been in Audiology since. I love working in this field because I get to help people get their lives back. So many people are going through life unable to communicate effectively. They are missing out on some of life's most important moments: Laughs with family, memories with children & grandchildren, and conversations with their spouse.

I am able to help restore all those moments, and I find that extremely fulfilling.

I hope you will allow me to assist you with getting your life back to the level you would like to enjoy.

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