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Juliëtte Sterkens, AuD

Audiologist in Oshkosh

Doctor of Audiology - Arizona School of Health Sciences
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About Juliëtte

I'm an audiologist and consumer advocate. I work to foster hearing loops that benefit hearing aid & CI implant users in places where their hearing devices alone, are unable to deliver. Hearing loops broadcast clear audio wirelessly, and  without background noise, from a pulpit, lectern or stage via minute changes in the magnetic field to the telecoil found in many hearing aids and all cochlear implants on the market today. Hearing loops, a universal hearing assistive technology, double the usefulness of hearing aids and delight users.

Expert Answers

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Is there any point to getting the Resound LiNX2 962 model to have the telecoil?

Absolutely! I highly recommend you obtain hearing aids that offer Bluetooth and telecoil technology. I have personally fit thousands of hearing aids with telecoils and worked... Read more

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I have reverse slope hearing loss. I have a pair of Oticon OPN 1 hearing aids. My audiologist doe...

Refer your audiologist to The Bizarre World of Extreme Reverse-Slope Hearing Loss. 

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Is the Phonak Audeo B Direct Made For iPhone?

Buyers beware. While this new Phonak Audeo B can answer calls from cell phones directly, and many hearing care providers will agree that this is a feature that's pretty nifty,... Read more

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I can no longer hear or understand the actors at the theatre. Two theatres have telecoil loops, ...

It is frustrating not being able to enjoy the theater. Please know that the performance of the hearing loop depends on the installation skills of the installer - and while most... Read more

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Are TruHearing Flyte hearing aids as good as normal hearing aids? Do I lose anything by going wit...

Be sure to ask if the Flyte instruments include a telecoil. Ask the provider to program the Flyte instruments, verify the settings via Real-Ear testing, program the telecoils... Read more

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Are some telecoils better than others? The telecoil mode on my new Starkey Muse hearing aids isn'...

To benefit from a telecoil in a hearing loop it needs to be a vertically oriented as worn on the ear – something that can be handled for use on the phone by modifying the... Read more

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