Kathleen Haasch, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Sheboygan
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Kathleen Haasch, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Sheboygan

Doctor of Audiology - Salus University
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American Board of Audiology Certified American Academy of Audiology Academy of Doctors of Audiology American Speech and Hearing Association

About Kathleen

I am the President of Medical Hearing Associates, LTD. We are the premiere provider for Audiological and Hearing Aid Services in Sheboygan and Ozaukee Counties in Wisconsin. We  utilize verification for fittings and  best practices. Our motto is," better hearing is a better life".

Expert Answers

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Is it true that some hearing aids are locked? I am considering purchasing hearing aids at Costco,...

Yes, Costco has Proprietary software for their products, just as other franchises have which limits with a key the accessiblity from otheres to make any changes or adjustments... Read more

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Services Provided

Adult Hearing Evaluations

Pediatric Hearing Evaluations

Veterans Hearing Evaluations

Adult Hearing Aid Fittings

Pediatric Hearing Aid Fittings

Earwax Removal

Otoacoustic Emission Evaluations

Dizziness and Balance Evaluations

Tinnitus Assessments

Tinnitus Counseling

Musician's Earplugs

Musician's In-Ear-Monitors

Real Ear Measurements