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Kevin Killeen, BSc

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Hammond

Bachelor of Science - Louisiana State University at New Orleans
  • Service Quality Badge
  • Verified Provider Badge
  • Excellence Award
National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences

About Kevin

My name is Kevin Killeen and I am your local licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist (HIS) in the state of Louisiana. I graduated from the University of New Orleans in 1983, with a bachelor of science in Business Management.

Upon learning about this industry, I sought additional information from Mr. Dickie and Mrs. Carmen Billedeaux. Their passion for helping people and the manner in which they do business was extremely appealing to me. After spending time with them, I knew this was the calling for me. I became completely focused on doing what was necessary to become fully licensed in this exciting field.

I joined Miracle Ear of LA to help the hearing impaired be able to enjoy life to the fullest again. Successfully getting my patients reconnected to their families and to the rest of the world is a feeling that I will never forget. The gratitude and happiness that I witness from our patients is incredibly rewarding. I am proud to be a part of Miracle Ear of LA, and we will help as many patients as we can!

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