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Lee Oreskovich

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Omaha

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Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

About Lee

Lee is dedicated to keeping his patients hearing as well as possible with their present instruments as well as keeping them informed of any new technology that might make further improvements to their hearing. Lee believes in the importance of taking the time to listen to his patients. He creates an environment where open and honest communication can take place and his patients can make decisions about their hearing needs without feeling rushed or pressured.

Along with his formal education at the Hasting College, his knowledge in hearing improvement has helped a wide range of patients, including patients who have mild hearing losses to those with severe to profound hearing loss.

Lee works in our Omaha & Lincoln Offices. He has made his home in the Cornhusker State for the last 20 years. “Helping people gain the confidence that comes along with hearing well is a passion of mine!” When not in the office Lee enjoys spending time with his wife and children as well as exercising and reading. Lee spends several weeks a year at the manufacturers receiving education on the latest advancements in the field of Audiology.

Expert Answers

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How do I remove earwax?

You can get help from your family physician or an ear specialist to remove earwax. There are also ear drops and wax removal kitso on the market that you can buy.At the same... Read more

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Are there any differences between the Resound hearing aids sold at Costco and other Resound heari...

There are differences, Resound has maintained a “policy” of keeping their offerings to Costco one generation behind what is currently available.There are obvious other... Read more

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What hearing aids are easiest to use for an elderly person?

Each patient is different. It really depends on the patient's loss and also patient's concerns regarding hearing aids. Each patient has specific needs and wants which should be... Read more

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What is the Roger Pen, and how can it help me hear better?

Roger Pen transmits the speaker's voice directly to you. It is a wireless microphone that helps people with a hearing loss to understand more speech in noise and over distance.... Read more

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Is nerve damage to the ear due to loud noise reversible?

Loud noises damage the auditory nerve over time. Because damage occurs gradually, the cumulative effect of exposure to loud noises may not result in hearing loss until later on... Read more

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Which hearing aids can stream music from an android phone?

As others have mentioned most hearing aid manufacturers have an app or accessories to make it possible for you to stream music from your phone. It really just depends on the... Read more

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Is Starkey going to go out of business? My doctor recommended Starkey aids to me, but I'm worried...

The fraud case is brought by Starkey against former employees of the company who are charged with stealing $20 Million from the company. After recent trips to Starkey as well... Read more

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Which IIC hearing aids are the best? I'm looking for devices that can adjust on their own based o...

IIC hearing aids are worn deep within the ear canal, ensuring only you know that you're wearing them. Depending on our patient hearing loss we typically recommend Unitron and... Read more

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What is the expected battery life for a hearing aid with moderate wireless iPhone use?

Battery life expectency really depends on size of the battery, if the patient is shutting off the hearing aid when not in use and how often the hearing aids are worn. We... Read more

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Do hearing aids work normally when the battery is low?

Hearing aid batteries often lose power very suddenly, so for the most part the aid should function normally. However, if the hearing aid sounds distorted or you find yourself... Read more

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How do hearing aids help tinnitus?

 Hearing aids can augment the volume of external noise to the point that it masks the sound of tinnitus. Patients with hearing loss and tinnitus may find relief from the use of... Read more

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How much do hearing aids cost?

The cost of hearing aids can really vary from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. The cost really depends on the technology level, the patients hearing loss and other... Read more

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Will Donald Trump help bring down the cost of hearing aids?

The price of hearing aids is based on the technology level a patient is needing and the manufacture. The President may have an affect on health care in general but doesn't tell... Read more

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My provider only carries one brand of hearing aids. Is it important to have several brands to cho...

Our office carries and repairs all brands of hearing aids. It really depends on the patients hearing loss and what type of technology the patient is willing to use. Different... Read more

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What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

If you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves, you find yourself trying to read peoples lips, or you think people are mumbling. These things are all indicators that... Read more

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Does the Oticon streamer send stereo Bluetooth to the Alta 2 Pro miniRITE?

The Streamer Pro is a hearing aid accessory worn around the neck and can be used as a remote. The Streamer Pro will connect to Oticon wireless hearing aids. The accessory... Read more

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How do I pair the Starkey Halo 2 i2400 with the iPhone 7? I am having trouble.

This video will walk you step by step to pair your hearing aids to your phone.  

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What is the best Personal Sound Amplification Device?

PSAPs amplify sounds but do not address other components of hearing loss. PSAPs have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a medical device like hearing... Read more

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Which hearing aids reproduce music cleanly with no artefacts or distortion?

The type of hearing aid (or brand of hearing aid) is not as important as making sure that the hearing aids come with a dedicated setting, specifically for enjoying music.  Most... Read more

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Just got new hearing aids today. How many hours a day should I wear them to begin with?

There is no official amount of time somebody should be wearing their hearing aids per day.  My advice would be to wear them as much as you are able.  Things are going to sound... Read more

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What are the differences between the Resound Linx2 9 and Costco Cala 8?

According to the descriptions of the Linx2 9 and Cala 8 they both appear to be similar. There doesn't seem to be any glaring difference. Our office doesn't recommend buying... Read more

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What analog hearing aids are currently available? I have severe hearing loss and digital aids are...

Analog hearing aids are almost obsolete these days, however as others mentioned it is possible to program digital hearing aids to sound like analog hearing aids. The technology... Read more

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I have a Phonak cross-over pair--one ear is deaf and the aid in that ear transmits over to the go...

Currently there aren't any rechargable units for the CROS unit.

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