Lee Weissman, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Novato
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Lee Weissman, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Novato

Doctor of Audiology - Vanderbilt University
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About Lee

Doctor of Audiology and former Medical Device Engineer, Dr. Weissman brings to Marin County a scientific approach to selecting and fitting hearing aids. By understanding hearing aid technology, acoustics, and ergonomics from the inside out, he is able to provide hearing solutions that are effective, reliable and comfortable. He is able to maximize his patient's benefit from their investment in hearing aids. Dr. Weissman holds the Au.D., a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering, and a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering.

Expert Answers

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Are LiNX2 ITE hearing aids more susceptible to moisture than Phonak Virto hearing aids?

I generally agree with most of the responses but if you stop and think a moment, the most vulnerable entry point of moisture into an ITE hearing aid is through the battery... Read more

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My provider only carries one brand of hearing aids. Is it important to have several brands to cho...

No one manufacturer has it all and they are leapfrogging each other with new technology all the time. Particularly with regard to water resistance, rechargeability, size,... Read more

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What iPhone apps are good for people with hearing loss? What are you recommending to your patients?

Regarding manufacturer apps, a lot of the app functionality is related to the capabilities of the hearing aid. I have recently noted great patient satisfaction with the Widex... Read more

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How do I stop my hearing from getting worse?

Excessive noise exposure is the main factor we have control over. Maintaining good cardiovascular health and controlling chronic diseases as well, such as diabetes, can... Read more

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What is the best solution for using a stethoscope with hearing aids?

I have fit two patients with Resound Linx2 hearing aids using the Multi-Mic accessory. Both of these patients already had amplified stethoscopes that used headphones. We simply... Read more

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