Lucas Duberow - Hearing Healthcare Provider in Lake Oswego
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Lucas Duberow

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Lake Oswego

Hearing Instrument Specialist
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Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner International Hearing Society

About Lucas

Mr. Duberow is a licensed hearing instrument specialist and a recipient of the 2015 Charles Holland Award for overall excellence in the field. He has a reputation for genuine care for all of his patients. Lucas is very much committed to restoring the communication abilities of those with hearing impairments. "I care deeply for each of my patients and desire to find the best solution for each person's individual needs."

Lucas has passion for Portland and for Oregon! He is the descendant of an Oregon Trail homesteader in Starkey, Oregon. Great grandfather Andrew Sullivan was an orphan growing up on the Oregon Trail after his parent's were both killed during the Civil War. Lucas attended Lincoln High School in Portland Oregon and graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

"I am here in the Portland area to serve the community. I love people and families. I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful children. I understand the value of family, friends and communication and hope to help heal and restore hearing to those who have lost it."

Lucas lives in the Beaverton area nearby his primary business location. He and his brother Eli operate three Zounds Hearing locations in the greater Portland area. Eli is focusing on the east side locations.

Expert Answers

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Where are hearing aids manufactured?

Hearing aids use DSP chips which all most entirely come from Asia; in the case of hearing aids a lot of the DSP chips come from China, Taiwan and Singapore. The exterior shells... Read more

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