Lynn M Firestone, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Manchester
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Lynn M Firestone, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Manchester

Doctor of Audiology - University of Florida
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About Lynn

Dr. Lynn Firestone grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts. She received her BA in communication disorders from the University of Massachusetts, her MA in audiology from Michigan State University and her Au.D. in audiology from the University of Florida. Dr. Firestone has served as the secretary of the CT Speech-Hearing-Language Association and is a founder of the CT Academy of Audiology.

Dr. Firestone has worked in various areas in Audiology, working with both hearing impaired and deaf individuals. Her specialties are diagnostic audiology, amplification in adults and treatment of tinnitus. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and the Academy of Doctors of Audiology. Dr. Firestone is licensed in audiology by the state of Connecticut and holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She is also board certified by the American Board of Audiology.

Expert Answers

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Is it true that some hearing aids are locked? I am considering purchasing hearing aids at Costco,...

While I agree with the above responses, it is possible to re-program the Phonak product from Costso. Be aware that if you see a provider who is willing to take you in as a... Read more

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I have a cochlear Baha 5 SuperPower implant on my left side and wear a ReSound hearing aid on rig...

It would depend on the hearing loss in your right ear. That is something that you should discuss with your provider.

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I have a wax filter stuck in my ear. How do I get it out?

Return to your hearing care provider and they may be able to remove it for you. 

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I have the flu and my right ear feels blocked and is ringing constantly. It is impacting on my he...

As an audiologist who has been practicing with ENT practices for the last 35 years I would suggest you bypass your family physician and go straight to an ENT practice that also... Read more

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