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Mark butler

Mark Butler, AAS

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Sparks

Associate of Applied Science in Hearing Healthcare - Spokane Falls Community College
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National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences

About Mark

Mark is a hardworking provider with a commitment to help every single patient. Mark entered the industry to help people hear the best sound possible. Having a hearing loss himself, Mark knows firsthand the importance of good hearing care. While serving as a provider in Sparks, NV, Mark serves as an advisory member on the Nevada State Board of Speech Pathology, Language, Audiology, and Hearing Aid Specialists. Along with seeing his patients, Mark likes to fish, remodel homes, construct model rockets, and spend time with his four kids and six grandkids.

"I learned the value of hard work from my father at an early age and I believe in doing the very best job I can for every single patient. Having hearing loss myself I know firsthand what some of my patients go through and am eager to help them hear better."

Expert Answers

Mark butler

My provider only carries one brand of hearing aids. Is it important to have several brands to cho...

Dispensers who carry only one brand of hearing aid are typically a franchised office restricted to carrying just the franchise brand hearing aids.  Most independent providers... Read more

Mark butler

Which company makes the best rechargeable hearing aids?

Phonak is NOT the only company making rechargeable hearing aids.  Siemens (now being branded as Signia) has had a rechargeable product available for many years.  The drawback... Read more

Mark butler

What is the best Personal Sound Amplification Device?

Short answer is that there are no "best" personal sound amplification devices.  These units are designed to simply amplify all the incoming sound at a consistent level across... Read more

Mark butler

How much does EarLens cost?

Earlens uses a device behind the ear that closely resembles a normal hearing aid.  The only difference is that the device converts sound into a light wave and then transmits it... Read more

Mark butler

What analog hearing aids are currently available? I have severe hearing loss and digital aids are...

To the best of my knowledge all six major manufacturers selling hearing aids in the US no longer offer analog aids.  Many of the digital models can be programmed to simulate... Read more

Mark butler

We are considering a behind the ear hearing aid for my adult son with special needs. There are ti...

I personally wear Siemens Pure Primax RIC's and have my reading glasses on and off frequently throughout the day.  It hasn't been any issue at all for me.  I also have a number... Read more

Mark butler

My husband was tested at AccuQuest this week for hearing aids. The cost is $5800.00. Can you tell...

Hearing aids come in a number of price ranges based on the technology level of the aids you are purchasing.  Those prices typically range from a low of about $2000 per pair to... Read more

Mark butler

Does the Signia Pure 13 BT primax work with Apple Watch Series 2?

The new Signia Pure 13 BT requires the app to be downloaded on an iPhone in order to work properly and will not connect with the Apple watch.  Of course as technology advances... Read more

Mark butler

How do hearing aids help tinnitus?

As an industry the hearing aid business really doesn't understand tinnitus very well in spite of all the research being done.  There are a number of major theories about how... Read more

Mark butler

How long do rechargeable hearing aid batteries last? Do they need to be replaced frequently?

Size 312 or size 13 rechargeable batteries are typically good for 350-400 charging cycles.  Most people only charge them once a day, typically overnight, so the lifespan is... Read more

Mark butler

What are the risks of buying hearing aids online?

There are a number of potential risks or drawbacks to purchasing hearing aids online.  Hearing aids should be programmed specifically for an individual ear based on audiometric... Read more

Mark butler

What are the options for dealing with hyperacusis and hearing loss?

Many people who develop hearing loss also become more sensitive to loud sounds thus reducing their dynamic (useable) hearing range from both ends.  We need to provide... Read more

Mark butler

Do hearing aids really block out background noise?

Hearing aids by their very nature are sophisticated amplification devices.  As such they do not cancel out noise.  They simply do not reproduce or amplify the noise while they... Read more

Mark butler

I have severe to profound loss. Hearing aid companies are boasting about advances in feedback can...

A dome fit might be an option depending on the shape of your hearing loss and the fit of the dome in your ear.  If you want to stay with the newer RIC style we can also use a... Read more

Mark butler

Can I purchase an extended warranty for my hearing aids (beyond my 3 year warranty)? Is it worth it?

Extended warranties are available from many manufacturers.  You can purchase additional repair warranty and loss and damage coverage for additional one year periods not to... Read more

Mark butler

I have sloping hearing loss that is moderate to severe at high frequencies. I am 47, male. My low...

IIC's are an extremely poor choice for patients who have relatively good low frequency hearing.  The occlusion effect will make you feel as if you are inside a barrel.  While... Read more

Mark butler

What hearing aids have special features for tinnitus?

Most of the major manufacturers now include some form of tinnitus masking as a built-in feature of the majority of their models.  Tinnitus masking uses a selection of different... Read more

Mark butler

Is it worth spending the money to buy higher technology hearing aids from the big brands?

The short answer is "Maybe".  Big name brands spend millions of dollars a year on research and development to improve their technology.  This cost gets passed along to the... Read more

Mark butler

Can hearing aids cause further hearing loss?

It is possible for hearing aids to be set high enough that they can cause additional loss.  That being said, if the test was done properly and included uncomfortable levels the... Read more

Mark butler

I have Rexton BTE aids that are about 5 years old. The original provider left town and the folks ...

Software is updated on a regular basis and the new updates are backwards compatible with any older products that used that same software.  When manufacturers change the... Read more

Mark butler

What is the best hearing aid for a reverse slope cookie bite loss?

Most all of the major brands will adequately handle this type of hearing loss.  A higher technology level aid will do a better job of more precisely matching the loss itself... Read more

Mark butler

What is the typical cost to have used hearing aids adjusted for a new owner?

Every provider typically sets his/her own price for programming a pair of hearing aids.  In my office I typically do it for free because in most cases someone died and left... Read more

Mark butler

Is it legal for an audiologist to force me to pay to access a copy of my audiogram and other reco...

You have every legal right to request a copy of any or all of your medical records.  It is permissible to charge a reasonable fee to cover the cost of providing those records... Read more

Mark butler

How do I find an audiologist who is good at programming hearing aids for reverse slope hearing lo...

Audiologists and hearing aid specialists both fit hearing aids.  The quality of the fitting has a lot to do with the training the dispenser has received.  Many audiology... Read more

Mark butler

Are TruHearing Flyte hearing aids as good as normal hearing aids? Do I lose anything by going wit...

The Flyte hearing aids are actually produced by Resound.  The hearing aids themselves are good quality aids but not necessarily the best choice depending on your hearing loss... Read more

Mark butler

Are Siemens hearing aids still available for purchase and is product support available?

A few years ago Siemens made the decision to separate their hearing aid business as a stand-alone company.  At that point they began to rebrand using the new name "Signia". ... Read more

Mark butler

What is the average lifespan of the rechargeable batteries for Siemens Pure Binax?

The lifespan of the battery according to available info is approximately 400 charging cycles.  We typically replace them about once a year.  As the battery ages it will still... Read more

Mark butler

Are there any surgeries that can fix my hearing loss? The doctor says it's 'age related' ...

Hearing loss is divided into two main categories.  Conductive loss usually involves the outer or middle ear and can often be corrected with surgery.  Sensori-neural hearing... Read more

Mark butler

How do I know if rechargeable hearing aids are right for me? Which patients do you recommend rech...

Rechargeable hearing aids have been available for many years but are becoming much more popular for a number of reasons.  Some of the new sealed units now offer up to 24 hours... Read more

Mark butler

Who makes Kirkland hearing aids?

Kirkland branded hearing aids are actually made by one of the major manufacturers who go through a bidding process against each other for the rights to build the Kirkland... Read more

Mark butler

My first set of hearing aids were Resound. When I lost one, I was told I needed two brand new Res...

If the hearing aid you still have is not too old the first logical step would be to get an identical replacement.  If that is not available or the hearing aid is several years... Read more

Mark butler

Why don't audiologists give me a speech test in the soundroom to compare how I do with and withou...

What you are referring to is called sound field testing.  While it is useful for comparing different sets of aids to no hearing aids the results are of limited value because... Read more

Mark butler

I have a high tone in my right ear. Do I need to see an audiologist or can I see any hearing prof...

If this is a sudden onset see an ENT immediately, not a general practitioner, audiologist, or hearing aid specialist.  They are best suited to diagnose what is going on and... Read more

Mark butler

What is the best BiCros hearing aid?

The best BiCros is a somewhat subjective question.  The answer varies based on your particular hearing loss and the skill of the dispenser.  Several manufacturers make good... Read more

Mark butler

Where can I find affordable hearing aids? I am on a budget of only $1500 for 2, and would like to...

Many hearing centers offer free diagnostic evaluation and consultation.  Finding a good name-brand pair of hearing aids for $1500 may be more difficult depending on what... Read more

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